Spring Lookbook 2017

IT’S FINALLY HERE YOU GUYS!!!! I’M FINALLY UNVEILING ALL THESE MAGNIFICENT PHOTOS/OUTFITS TO YOU! I’m a little more excited about the pictures than the actual outfits just because they’re edited so well. Go Sam, because he did a great job. Not that he doesn’t always, but like this time he did a really great job.

Listen, I know Spring is long gone by the amount of sweat that gathered in my shirt while walking to my car after work this morning, but we’re still gonna talk about this lookbook. Spring in Michigan is interesting, because there are random days where it’s 80 degrees and then once June hits it stays between 88-95. So dressing for Spring is basically a free for all and you can wear whatever you want, just as long as you check the weather for those almost Summer days.

Outfit #1



I’m sure you’re wondering what’s going on here, because I’m usually posing or leaning up against a wall somewhere. Sam and I decided for this shoot that we were going to make it very in the moment and I think it’s the best thing we’ve decided to do. This outfit wasn’t very hard for me to put together, mainly because it was inspired by my favorite YouTuber Allana Davison. Our first stop on this trip to Ann Arbor was to a vintage store called Ragstock. If any of you ever take a trip to Ann Arbor, you must go to Ragstock, there are so many hidden gems.


And one of those hidden gems was this fantastic jacket. When I took this home, my mom was so disgusted by this because this jacket screams 80s and she hates 80s era clothing.  It’s actually kind of funny, because I went to a going away party later that night and the second I got in the car with my friend Sarah she complimented my jacket. You’d think that my mom would like this more than someone my age, right?

Top: H&M // Similar

Jeans: H&M // Similar

Boots: Sam Edelman // Similar

Outfit #2





Our next stop was a bookstore, where Sam and I found this pop-up book of celebrity scandals and searched for Stephen King books. Choosing this outfit, I picked something that I’d actually wear to a bookstore. It’s not that I wouldn’t wear any of the other outfits, but we all gotta be aesthetically pleasing, right? My favorite thing about this whole outfit is the top and the leather jacket. I didn’t actually wear the leather jacket, because it was hella hot in there, but I still looked cute holding it. The best thing is the t-shirt, because Topshop makes the best shirts and they’re really soft and thin. If you get the chance to get your hands on one, I completely recommend buying them.

Jacket: H&M // Similar

Top: Topshop // Similar

Jeans: H&M // Similar

Boots: Sam Edelman // Similar

Outfit #3




The first thing I thought when I saw these pictures was: Harry Styles. It’s not necessarily the outfit, but the aesthetic of this outfit. I was also really iffy about this outfit, but now that I see it through the lens I’m obsessed with it. I’m sure you’re all wondering where the vest is from, because it’s the bet part of the outfit. The vest is actually thrifted from Goodwill and the amount of compliments and questions I get on it are endless. Denim vests are an interesting piece when it comes to an outfit, because people are always wearing denim jackets, but vests are a different story. I think people have a harder time wearing vests, because you’re never sure what kind of top to wear or if you should wear a dress. If you know you can make a vest work, why not let it?

Vest: Goodwill

Top: Topshop // Similar

Jeans: Topshop

Outfit #4



So we thought we were done for the day, until we got in the car and realized that we hadn’t shot this outfit. Once we got home, I raced inside and grabbed my shoes and we got down to business. This is and outfit I love, but rarely wear. The shoes, I wear constantly and the jeans went missing for two months until I found them at my moms. The absolute best part of this outfit has to be the shirt. If I could wear this to my job, I definitely would.

Top: Pacsun

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: Nike

I’m so happy that I finally have this up for you guys and hopefully in the next few weeks I can get more fashion posts on here! I have a haul coming and maybe a few more lookbooks in the works? I’m still working on the details, but what did you guys think? Do you like the “in-the-moment” aesthetic or me leaning up against the wall?


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