May Favorites

You know what’s really funny? When you try to be a productive human being for a whole month and it just doesn’t work out. May passed by without a trace and I spent a large majority of it laying in my bed and telling myself I was going to clean my room. Over the 31 days, I did end up loving quite a few things, nothing major though.

Due to the weather changing, I actually didn’t wear makeup all that often. I think I wore a full face of makeup twice (?) this month. I don’t know what it was about May, but I’ve watched and read quite a few May favorites and it just seemed like no one was inspired this month to try new things. June is going to be an interesting month though, because although I want to buy new makeup I also want to buy clothes. So I will either be writing more reviews or doing clothing hauls. We’ll wait and see.



MUFE Aqua XL Waterproof Eye Pencil: $21

Does anyone remember this from my April Play! box? I raved to you guys how much I loved this…and then I lost it. I didn’t find it until like two weeks ago when I found it in another makeup bag. I could talk about this eyeliner forever, because it’s the first black eyeliner that lasts all day and doesn’t move. Does anyone else have that issue where when you put eyeliner on it starts to seep out of the corner of your eye? Yeah, apparently this is a thing that happens and I am one of the people who have to deal with it. This eyeliner though is a champ and doesn’t give mama any problems.



H&M // Similar

One of the perks of working for H&M is that I get first dibs, the only problem with this shirt is that WE WERE THE LAST STORE IN THE COUNTRY TO GET THIS IN STOCK. Not only did we get this shirt in stock last, but it went quick. I think we had this shirt for three days, remind you we got a lot of these, and we had like two smalls and one medium left. I got the medium when in reality I needed a large, but it’s fine I just won’t dry it. Every time I wear this shirt I get constant compliments and my best friend was even like, “I think I need a shirt like that.” So go me, setting trends and inspiring people.

IMG_0865.jpg Ragstock David Bowie top

I’m such garbage for not having links to either of these fantastic shirts, but it’s fine, it happens. So I took a trip to Ann Arbor to shoot my Spring lookbook and Sam and I decided to go into Ann Arbor’s most popular thrift store. After wandering through the whole entire store I spotted this shirt. It’s not vintage, but I love it. It’s another shirt that I received plenty of compliments on and people want themselves. For awhile, I’ve been wanting a David Bowie shirt and when I saw this on the table I fell in love.




Similar (Elephant Ring) // Second Ring

This month something came over me and I decided I was going to start wearing more jewelry. I dug into my little jewelry box, disguised as a book with a British flag on it, and tried to find something that could fulfill my new interest. Amongst my jewelry I found a small elephant ring that I got when I was at Bryant Park in New York; a fairly new ring where my mom and I got matching; and a neato fake stone one from Rue 21. I honestly think that jewelry is the best way to spice an outfit up, whether it be a necklace or a ring, it’s something that people’s eyes go to when they’re looking at your outfit.



Harry Styles by Harry Styles

Are we shocked? No? Not even a little? If I’m being completely honest, which I always am, this album has taken over my whole entire life. Every day I turn this sucker on and since it’s been warm out, I love rolling the windows down and letting everyone listen to the glory that this album is. It was a given that I was going to love this album no matter what, because that’s my mans, but it’s come to be one of those albums everyone loves. Ever since this album came out, the vintage vibe it holds has caused me to start listening to older music. Of course we all have that playlist on Spotify where we house our Earth, Wind and Fire or Whitney Houston, even my favorite: ABBA. When it came to this album, Harry knew what he was doing and he gave it his all and in return we all ended up loving it.


Bridgwater Candle in Sweet Grace: $24

As you all know, I recently moved into my own place and one of the things I asked for as a housewarming gift were candles. It may be the many YouTube videos I self-indulge in, but I am suddenly a candle hoe. My grandma is the one who actually gave me this candle and I’ve been burning it the entire month of May. It smells delicious and after doing research, I learned that it’s made from passion fruits, tea and patchouli. Also, apparently patchouli is a plant and I didn’t know that. The great thing about Bridgewater is that when you buy a candle they donate money to Rice Bowls which provides three meals to an orphan child.

I’m sorry this was such a boring May favorites, hopefully June brings me some interesting things to try and maybe love. What did you guys enjoy during May? Anything I should try during June?


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