Too Faced Natural Love Palette | Review

I’m baaaack! I’m sorry to all who love this blog for the unannounced break, I guess I didn’t realize I was taking one until it dawned on me.

I’m so excited to write this review, because you all know that during the Sephora VIB sale this palette was on my wishlist. When I received this in the mail, I was so over the moon about it and wanted to play. May was an interesting month though, with the weather change and I didn’t really do a lot of glam. The times I did do glam though, I dipped into this palette.


I fell in love with this palette when I saw the shadows. Of course that’s what makes anyone fall in love with a palette, but I was so excited by the size of these and the colors. The shades in this palette are so springy and summery that I figured I would be using this palette all summer.

So this palette has 30 shades all together, 7 matte and 23 shimmers. I’m not gonna lie when I first dipped into this palette, I was kind of unimpressed. I wasn’t pleased with the amount of fallout the shimmers had, but the matte shadows. HOLY SHIT. First off, Honey Butter is by far the best transition shade I have ever tried and I need it to be on it’s own so when I run out I can have it on hand. Second, the other mattes are wonderful as well.

I am very sad to say, I am displeased with the color payoff of these shadows. When I was shooting with Sam, I played around with this palette and at one point said to him, “Are my eyes still shiny?” and he said he couldn’t even tell. I get it, Sam’s a dude, but like HE WOULD’VE NOTICED! It pissed me off too, because we had only been together 45 minutes when I asked this and yeah my makeup had been on for a good hour, but still. Like, I said though, the mattes are the bomb-dot-com, the shimmers are a little bit poopy.

Personally, I think I held very high hopes for this palette because I’ve only heard good things about the other Too Faced eye palettes. Too Faced as a brand is very conflicting for me, because I love their primer and lipstick, but I particularly have a weird relationship with their eye products. I absolutely hate their Better than Sex mascara and I’m not quite sure how much I love this palette. I will still use the Natural Love palette, I’m just kind of disappointed with it. I mean, this palette retails for $59 and for that amount of money, I feel like I’m paying for the name and the packaging. You can’t deny that this packaging is beautiful, but I feel like a lot of brands don’t grasp that it’s what’s inside the package that matters most.

I will continue to use this palette, due to the amount of MONEY that was spent on it, but please pray for me on this journey.

For those of you who have this palette, how do you like it? Are you having the same problems I have?


6 thoughts on “Too Faced Natural Love Palette | Review

  1. InYourFace says:

    Thank you for this! I wanted to buy this palette but the price tag kept me debating about it. I don’t think I’m getting it now. Its really not worth the price I feel!

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