April Favorites!

Are you guys as excited about this month’s favorites as I am? Probably not. I think I’m a bit overexcited because I didn’t do a favorites post for March. March was a busy month for me and trying out new things was an absolute joke. Guess what though? I got to go all out for April though and I am here to gloat! I’ve decided to broaden my horizons a bit with my blog and have chosen to not only talk about fashion and beauty, but my other favorites including music, books, etc. Don’t worry you guys, I promise I’ll be breaking this down into categories.


I guess we should start off with the most anticipated items, huh?


Estée Lauder Double Wear: $39.50

The most obvious favorite of this month, my Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation. I did a whole review regarding this product, but I guess I can give you a little bit of a lowdown. This foundation is by far one of the most comfortable, long lasting foundations I’ve ever used. It doesn’t go on thick and it blends beautifully. Ever since I’ve posted my review regarding this foundation, I’ve heard nothing but positivity from other users. If you’re looking for a new foundation, I suggest you read my in-depth review. Also if you want a good laugh, I also suggest you read it.


Urban Decay Moondust Palette: $49

I bought this palette last summer and I don’t what it was about April, but I was feeling very glitter and girly when it came to eyeshadow. I constantly was reaching for this palette and always had the urge to play when it was in my hand. Last summer, I bought this for the color “Element” but now I’m starting to feel comfortable playing with all the other colors. I know that I won’t be doing any NikkieTutorial-type eyeshadow looks anytime soon, but I’m willing to play around with that possibility with this palette.


MAC Viva Glam VI: $17

I think the best part about moving was discovering all of the oldie but goodie products. Trust me y’all, this isn’t the only MAC lipstick mama uncovered, but it’s been my favorite this month. MAC as a company, for me, has been somewhat of a shit show in my makeup journey. I’ve bought their foundation, loved it for a few months and then it started to irritate my skin. Their eyeshadow palettes are an absolute joke. This lipstick though has taken over my whole entire life. It’s a satin finish, which surprisingly is my choice of lipstick formula lately.


NYX Retractable Eyeliner: $4.49

As you all know, I’m a picky ass person when it comes to eyeliner. I have tried countless brands when it comes to eyeliner and the journeys been a long one. I think it’s fair to say that NYX’s eyeliner is by far the best I’ve tried, next to the MUFE one but like that’s a lot of money. This is so pigmented and long lasting, it’s just everything you could want in a liner for your water line.



Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm: $29

Y’all already knew this was coming. I will never ever use anything else to take my makeup off. This balm has two purposes. One: To clean your makeup off. Two: To make taking your makeup off fun. You guys can read my whole spiel on why I love this right here.


Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Mask: $62

This is the best mask I’ve ever come to use in my whole entire life. It leaves your skin so nice and smooth, even gives you a nice shine. My skin feels so happy when I use this, my wallet on the other hand cringes at the price of this. Fresh is a skincare brand that literally everyone has been talking about these last few months. I think what brought them to light was when Sephora handed out one of their face washes and face masks as part of the Beauty Insider birthday deal. Either way, this mask is fantastic and if you can get it as a sample snatch that bitch up.


Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer: $27.50

I have been using this for forever and a day, so I’m shocked that I’m just now putting it in a favorites post. Maybe because I’m almost out? Who knows. I love moisturizing, it’s my favorite part of my skincare routine. When I first bought this I barely used it, but thank god it has a two year life span. I am going to be so sad when this runs out, it’s by far the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. I feel so clean and uncrusty when I put this on my face. I have bad texture in between my eyebrows and this helps make it feel baby smooth.


I’m not gonna bother finding a link to this, because y’all know what it is. It’s the knockoff version of the Clean & Clear Morning Burst. Listen, my mother will go above and beyond to save money and I can respect that. When we went and bought this, she grabbed the Clean & Clear wash and compared the ingredients. Same stuff, same packaging, “different” brand. I love this face wash so much. You all know how much I raved over my Clean & Clear Nighttime wash, so I know you’re not shocked to see the morning version of that. Since we’re being honest, I actually love this more than the nighttime wash. I know this is meant to “wake you up” with the bursting beads, but let’s be real is that actually a thing? It doesn’t wake me up, it just makes me feel hella clean in the morning instead of feeling like a greasy fish.


Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner: $5.99

Grandma Carmen always comes through, you guys. I was bitching awhile back about how I didn’t have a toner and a few minutes later this was in my hands. I don’t know where this woman gets these random items from, but she always has everything you need. Let’s start off with how good this smells. This has such a fresh scent to it and being sensitive to scents I always thought that this would bother me, but it doesn’t. I also worried this would burn my skin at first, obviously I can’t read because it says “alcohol-free”, it’s fine though. Last but not least, I wanna talk about the price. It’s $6. Enough said.



H&M Straight Cropped Jeans

I love working at H&M, but you can never ever find what you need on the website. Plus, I bought these months ago so that probably doesn’t help with me finding a link. Anyways, for months I have been on the hunt for the perfect mom jean and finally found them. The biggest fear I had when I bought mom jeans was that they were gonna be baggy around my butt, but these hug my small ass. It lowkey looks like I have an ass, but we all know the truth. I wish I had a pick of me wearing these, but I don’t have my tripod with me so I couldn’t take one. If you guys are looking for a pair of mom jeans, go to your local H&M and check them out. Please keep this in mind though: H&M’s clothes run small. They’re a great company, price wise and quality wise, but the clothes don’t run true to size. Don’t be ashamed if you have to go a size up in their clothes, because guess what? Everyone has to.


Circus Boots by Sam Edelman: $59.99

These are a few seasons old, but guess what? They’re still available aha. I got these for Christmas two years ago after I saw them in a lookbook by Alex Centomo. I don’t know what my deal is with not wearing things I end up loving until I’ve had for them for maybe a year and a half, but it’s a problem and I need to fix it. I have been wearing these nonstop and I’ve received countless compliments on them. I wear these with every single outfit if I’m not going to work and if I was positive they wouldn’t hurt my feet I’d wear them there too. These boots are beyond chic looking and they’re so fun to either dress up or dress down.


Vans Checkerboard Slip-On: $50

I’m not going to lie to you guys. Louis Tomlinson inspired this choice of purchase. It was a good purchase, I promise unless you wouldn’t be seeing it in a favorites post. These are another pair of shoes I’ve owned forever but never wore until recently. I just find that on a chill day, I’m always slipping these on to run errands or if I’m going out with friends and don’t want to wear my heavy Nike’s these are my go to’s.



This is so dumb, but yes coasters were something I loved this month. After moving into my apartment, I noticed I was missing something and these were that something. I was telling my mom repeatedly about how badly I needed coasters and here was Grandma Carmen coming through with her knowledge and whipping these bad boys out of an extra drawer. When I first subscribed to Vogue, I received this mysterious little package and from watching crimes shows I was wondering who I did wrong and thinking that maybe inside the little box was someone’s ear. I was wrong, of course, and inside were coasters! It’s weird to love coasters, but I’m obsessed with these.


The Intellectual Devotional: $7.18

Before I start, I just need to thank Siena Mirabella for talking about this book. I believe knowledge is the most powerful thing an individual can have, it just depends on how you use it. Learning new things has always interested me and the best thing about this book is the fact that everyday you have a new subject and a new fact. It’s not an overpowering way to learn things. It teaches you things at your own pace. It’s just a little excerpt you read everyday for a year and there’s tons of different versions out there.


I feel like everyone is talking about Girlboss! I started watching it the day it came out and have recommended to every one of my friends since. I promise I’m not going to share any of the plot, but I love the message it sends. I’ve yet to read Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography, but I’m sure the show wanted to showcase the fact that in a male-dominated world you can make it. When I started watching this, I wasn’t feeling motivated to do anything. I had just moved into my apartment and didn’t feel like writing any new posts, coming up with new ideas, not a goddamn thing. Once I started watching this though and I watched Sophia build her company, I was inspired. Girlboss is also very comedic, so if you need some motivation and a laugh I suggest you check it out.

What did you guys love for the month of April? Any new beauty or show suggestions?



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