NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette | Review

As someone who is as pale as a snowman and has always been a “non”-tour type of gal, I figured if I want to open myself to an opportunity where I don’t have a double chin (and I at least look like I know what I’m doing) contouring would more than likely be ideal. I, like many others, have seen the rant and rave over the ABH contour kits and I figured since I’m a beginner it’d be better if I didn’t spend a large amount of money on something I’m gonna use to practice. Ya know, it’s like every time you take a step you get a new pair of shoes, just in this case I’m gonna end up spending more money on a higher end contour kit.


Now let’s talk about the pigmentation of this product. There isn’t much, which I guess is good because you want to be able to blend it out, but there’s enough pigmentation where it can look muddy depending on which shade you pick for contouring. When I first started using this I was picking the second shade on the bottom, because it’s pretty close to the shade of my Hoola bronzer. In this case though, it doesn’t blend like my Hoola bronzer. You gotta think though, this whole palette costs less than my Hoola bronzer so if I have to blend just a little bit more and I get a palette with 4 contour shades and 4 highlighting then what’s there to complain about?

It’s time for me to tell you my favorite part of this whole palette and really the only reason I wanted it so bad. The banana shade. Yes, I’m that basic bitch who needed to see what was so great about setting your concealer with this shade, but listen, I get the hype. I’ve been a baker of the undereyes and I think I love setting my concealer with this shade even more because it saves me loads of time.

Overall, being a beginner in the contour world I think this is a great investment. It’s much easier to dip your toe in and spend $25 on a palette that gives you everything imaginable so you can find out what’s perfect for you than spending $40 on one and being overwhelmed because you didn’t pick the right shade.

You guys can get it at Ulta for $24.99.

For those of you who have tried this what do you think? Do you think it’s worth the price or would rather have invested in a higher end contour kit?


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