NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer | Review

In all honesty, this is probably a post that shouldn’t be written, but since I update you all on every beauty product I buy why the hell not? So your girl ran out of primer and as you all know, the Wet N Wild primer is my ride or die, but of course when I went to buy one there was only one left and it had been opened. Did I start a new trend with the Wet N Wild primer? I swear, every single time I go to buy it there’s only one left. Since, I only had one squirt left in mine though, I decided to try something new.

Target: “NYC New Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer makes the difference between a great complexion and an incredible complexion. This magic-maker transforms the texture of your skin, minimizing pores and providing a healthy, silky finish while reducing shine. Tired city skin is revived and redness fades.”

I never hear anyone talk about the brand NYC. When I picked this up, I thought, “Maybe it’s a diamond in the rough.” Boy was I wrong. Before I dig into this, let me tell you what I like about it, because there is only one good thing..

It has a nice smell to it. If any of you read my review on the Wet N Wild Photofocus foundation (and if you didn’t, here’s a link 🙂 you know that I am very sensitive to smells. This primer though, smells a lot like Nivea lotion which I absolutely love. When I put this on my face, I was like, “Oh wouldn’t mind this all day.”

Ha, that’s where it ends though. This primer is beyond watery. When I put it on my finger, I noticed how it started to spread and I was hoping that wouldn’t happen on my face. It didn’t spread on my face, but as I wore it throughout the day I noticed my foundation starting to look bleh. I’m not saying that there aren’t days where my makeup is bleh anyways, but this just didn’t do me any justice.

You all know that the biggest thing for me is my foundation staying on my nose. Now I bought this before I bought my Estée Lauder foundation and started using it with my Maybelline Fit Me. With my Fit Me my foundation rubbed off my nose, but with the Lauder it didn’t mask my pores which it claims to do.

I don’t have any redness so I can’t sit here and be like, “Haha it totally hid my redness!!!!” I wouldn’t know. The one thing this primer does that it promises is that it gives you a smooth complexion, not baby butt smooth but I guess smooth enough.

I know, I shouldn’t really shit on this because it’s only $3.99 so it’s not like it cleaned me out financially, but compared to my Wet N Wild primer which is only a dollar more, it’s eh.


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