Ariana Grande & Little Mix | Concert Series

Omg, I’m so excited to be starting a new part of this blog! As Spring and Summer approaches, concert season has officially started. Concerts are a big part of my life and since One Direction has taken a break, I’ve taken the time to check out other artists and see them live. Of course, some of the artists I see I’ve always had an interest in I’ve just never taken the time to actually buy tickets and go see them. Now, when it comes to the concert series, I’m gonna split everything into different sections just in case any of you want to read only want to read one specific part. I also want to apologize in advance for these terrible pictures! I took my camera with me, but of course I left the memory card at home.


Let’s give a little backstory about how I came to see Ariana Grande and Little Mix, shall we? I fucking love Little Mix. There’s no other way to say it. I have been anticipating the day where they announce their official US tour, but the day has yet to come. So when they announced they were going to be opening for Ariana, I begged to go. At first I was told no, because of the construction on I-75S. I swallowed my pride and was like, “Okay whatever mom, we won’t go.” BUT LAST SUNDAY GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? She opened the new Little Mix CD I gave her over Christmas and said she wanted to see them. I had just gotten out of the shower, so I’m standing there in nothing but a towel with my jaw on the floor. Like okay mom, you’re just going to decide a week before the concert that you wanna go? Alright.

PSA: I strictly went to see Little Mix, but you’re going to hear about the whole entire shebang.

I swear that when it comes to me going to The Palace of Auburn Hills, something bad is always bound to happen. I saw Coldplay there last August with my best friend and got into a car accident. I can’t remember if when we went and saw Stevie Nicks if anything bad happened. Anyways for Ariana Grande, we got there and we had gone through the box office to get our tickets. We walked to the front to pick them up and they hadn’t printed them off, also couldn’t find us in the system. The hoops we had to jump through to prove that we had purchased these tickets was ridiculous (mostly because my mom has a million different versions of her last name).





After the quarrel over the tickets, we got into the venue and immediately headed for the merch table. You can’t just not buy something when you’re at a concert, that’s the fun of it. Usually I’m the first one at a concert venue, so I don’t fuck around when it comes to getting merch. This time though, I was starving so my mom and I made a quick stop at Buffalo Wild Wings before heading to the arena. Of course, because I wasn’t the first one there I sat my ass in a long ass line. I’ve never been to a concert with so many little kids and I know that’s shocking, because I’ve been to four One Direction concerts and one Taylor Swift. Standing in this line though was so irritating, because the line had been split into four different lines and we just happened to be standing behind a mom with three kids who felt the need to have them try on every single merch item. Ohmygod, I was not the only person complaining I swear. Finally these girls let me cut in front of them and I was praising.

Of course before the concert, I was nosy and decided to see what Ariana’s merch looked like. The first thing I thought when I saw it was that it was aesthetically pleasing. Going there for Little Mix I knew that I would, of course, be getting a shirt for Little Mix. What I didn’t realize was how bad I would want one of Ariana’s sweatshirts. As much as I loved Ariana’s merch, I just felt that it was overpriced. I don’t think I’ve ever paid $60 for a sweatshirt at any of the other concerts I’ve been to.

I did end up getting two things from the merch table. At first I was only going to get one thing, because I didn’t want to cheat my mom out of something. You guys will soon learn that my mom is 99% of the time the person who goes to concerts with me and since she’s A) Usually the one who buys the tickets and B) Drives, I’m not going to make her go through all that and not get something. We both ended up getting the Little Mix shirt with all of the tour dates on it.

I had mentioned that I was very interested in one of Ariana’s sweatshirts, but we were both gobsmacked at the fact that it was $60. After seeing everyone walking around in it, my mom was nice enough to buy it for me. Of course, I slept in it last night and it’s the softest thing in the world. I can’t even explain it.

Victoria Monét:

Before yesterday, I had no clue who Victoria Monét was so I wasn’t sure what to actually think about her. The first thing I noticed when she walked out was how in her element she was. From my past concert ventures, I’ve come to notice that the ones who try to hard are usually the people who don’t make it super duper big. She walked out onstage and you could tell she was very comfortable.

When this girl opened her mouth and started singing I was shell shocked. I immediately turned to my mom and said, “She’s going to be the next big thing.” She also was by herself onstage, so the pressure of it all weighed on her shoulders and she took it on with grace. Victoria was also doing choreography and even though she did a great job, I could tell that she needed a little work. Her voice does make up for her dancing though.

Little Mix:


OOH LISTEN! When these girls came out, my mom and I lost our shit. They started with ‘Salute’ and it may just be me, but when I’ve known about an act for years and they finally make it to the States I always think that I’m the only one who knows the words to their songs. Newsflash: I’m not. Every single person around me knew every single song. It doesn’t upset me though, because this means we’re even closer to Little Mix having their own tour.

What really got me was how hype the girls made the whole arena. Where Victoria spoke quite a bit, she only took one opportunity to get the arena hyped for Ariana. The second Little Mix took the stage, Jesy was making us all scream for Ariana.

17264128_619710358232280_205595968668955196_n (1).jpg


Knowing that they were the opening act, Jesy also took the time to introduce each of the girls. Watching them interact with one another onstage, it was incredible. I loved that you could visually see how much they enjoyed being there with one another and getting to experience this tour with one another. They also show on their social media how much they love one another, but the fact that it shows onstage is important.

Let’s talk vocals. Little Mix won X Factor so it’s a given that they can sing. These girls hit notes that literally shook people to their core. When they were singing Secret Love Song Pt. II, the whole arena was cheering for them. It was fascinating to me for me to watch other people to see the talent these girls have.

The most exciting part for me was when they started singing Black Magic, because my mom and I were shaking our asses. I swear to God, my mom is the biggest Black Magic advocate there is out there. She shot up from her seat and started singing word for word. I also got so excited that I smacked the kid next to me in the face, poor guy.


They ended their set with ‘Shoutout to My Ex’ and literally after Perrie finished her verse, everyone in the arena screamed ‘Zayn’. Okay, I get this is an Ariana Grande concert, but have a little more respect ya know? Anyways, when Perrie hit that high note during the verse where she sings, “You’ll never bring me down!” it was fascinating to actually feel like, yeah you’re right no one can bring you down except yourself.

Overall, I knew that I was going to be very impressed with Little Mix because for the past six years I’ve watched a lot of their performances. Their stage presence is just impeccable and I’m excited for what’s to come after this tour for them.


Ariana Grande:

We are down to the main event. I walked into this concert, knowing maybe four songs on her setlist and walked out very much impressed with how many songs I came to enjoy. I firmly believe that you don’t really appreciate an artist’s music until you see them live.


Since I mostly go to concert’s where I’m there to see the headliner and not the opening act, I took this as a chance to watch the people around me when the lights went down. When the lights first went down, she appeared on the screen in a video with a countdown at the bottom of it. As the countdown got lower, Ariana was holding her ear and signaling to the crowd that she wanted them to get loud for her. They did. It was nice to see how many happy faces there were, because when you’re one of the happy faces you don’t worry about the other ones around you.

Not being a huge fan, I enjoyed observing her as a performer. When she first walked onto the stage, she made sure you knew that this was her concert and no one was going to change that. I don’t know how to explain it, but I liked how she had the live video of her playing off to the side, because usually artists take advantage of the TV’s at a venue and I just like that she made it her own little thing.


When it came down to the special effects of the show, the whole time I was thinking, “This whole concert screams TLC ‘No Scrubs’.” Everything about the concert just seemed futuristic, from her outfits to the special effects on screen. I don’t know you guys, I’m pretty sure she believes in aliens.



I think it’s time we talk about her vocals now, don’t you think? To quote my mom: “She’s a little thing, built like a brick shithouse.” After seeing her, I hate that people actually were like, “She’s going to be the next Mariah Carey,” because I don’t see her going down the road that Mariah did musically. While Mariah is very, very successful in what she does, Mariah didn’t do everything to take care of her voice and that’s why she has to lip sync along when she does live shows now. Ariana can hit the same notes as Mariah, but I don’t think she’s going to flaunt that she can so she can take care of her voice.

The way I look at it is, I knew Ariana could sing and I’ve seen Beyonce so I have seen powerful woman own the stage, but I just felt like Ariana as an artist needs to broaden her horizon and I know that’s hard after being on Nickelodeon.


The best thing in the world to me when it comes to concerts, is when people incorporate what they believe in in their shows. I loved that she filmed a video to show her feminist side and then showed same sex couples on screen during ‘Thinking Bout You’. You have to have a lot of balls to go against societal norms, especially when you’re successful and say what you feel. There are a lot of artists out there who only believe in certain things, because those things only benefit them. It’s especially ballsy when you have a lot of parents there with their little kids and you’re putting on screen, “Hey this is ok and I accept you,” because you don’t know what they’re being taught at home. As an artist, people look up to you and as a One Direction fan I remember a girl telling Harry that he’s the only source of positivity in her life, and for a lot of fans of other artists that sadly is the case. I love that she put out there if they don’t accept you at home, just know that I do and that can mean a lot to just one person.

I’m gonna be honest though, my favorite part was when Nicki’s verse came on in her songs, because mama knows every single Nicki verse out there. These two girls in front of me were so shocked that I was hitting these verses word for word. I was in the muthafuckin’ zone, hunny.

Let me be real though, everybody, I’m not going to make this concert seem like it was perfect because it wasn’t. As much as I enjoyed listening to Ariana sing, and this might just be a personal preference, but she didn’t address the crowd very much. I love when artists get up onstage and interact and tell stories. It just seems more personal to me. Instead of talking she ran through every song right after the other and that was just a huge con for me.

The next con isn’t towards Ariana, but instead towards the crowd. I went there for Little Mix, that’s clearly obvious, but I saw massive amounts of people talking about how excited they were to see her and when she would ask them to sing back to her you couldn’t really hear anyone singing. I’ve been on the floor and in the stands of a One Direction concert, so I know what it sound like when a theatre, arena and stadium are singing along. I don’t know why, but I think that maybe bummed her out a little bit.


We’ll start this category off with what I wore :)!




Wait, yes I did. This is horrible, but sorry Charlie.


And here are the shoes I wore.

Let’s talk Little Mix’s outfits.

First off, they were bomb as hell except for one thing. Perrie had these weird things on her legs. C61RoyKWwAIKslG.jpg

I don’t get the point of them, but either way they all looked hot as hell.



I can’t even play when I say that I loved every aspect of every outfit. Remember when I told you futuristic? This is what I meant. Everything except for the black dress screams, “Hello, I want it to be 3020.” It’s all fantastic though. Ariana Grande can really pull anything off and I love that she doesn’t stray far from what she likes in her performances.

Would I see her again?:

I most definitely would see Ariana again, because she does put on a really good, interesting show. I would just walk into it knowing a lot more songs. Now that I’ve seen her live, I’ve enjoyed listening to her music even more now.

What did you guys think of this post? Did you like it? Would it interest you to see more posts like this? Leave a comment and let me know!


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