The Creme Shop Beauty Blender | Review

Hi everyone! I’m gonna start this off by saying that I probably should’ve written this post around Christmas time when I received these, but I was too lazy to try them out until last week. I’m getting to it though and that’s what matters.

For those of you who have been here since, I don’t know, October? You know that one of The Creme Shop’s face brushes was in my October Favorites and that I loved it when I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation. When I got these beauty blenders in my stocking, I wondered if I would love these just as much as I did the face brush. Before wandering through the beauty section of TJ Maxx I had never heard of The Creme Shop before, but I had heard of the Artis Brushes and since everyone raved about them I wondered if the knockoff would do the trick. I never tried the Artis brushes, but if they’re better than the The Creme Shop one I own, I don’t doubt my ass would be SHOOK.

I wish I had taken a picture of these in the packaging before I threw them out, because it was Christmas themed and super duper cute. The green one was an elf and the red one was Santa, oh my god you guys would’ve died over how cute it was. After looking on the website though, they do have these themed as animals depending on the color you pick so if I were you I’d check it out.

Anyways, I know I usually pull up what the website “claims” these will do, but they’re beauty blenders so it’s pretty self-explanatory. I’ll tell you what though, these are the first beauty blenders I own that have actually grown bigger when I got them wet. When I noticed this, I pursed my lips and said to myself, “Well there’s something I haven’t seen before.”

Let’s talk blending. Of course I used my Wet n Wild primer and Maybelline Fit Me foundation. The first day I broke these out was on Valentines Day and boi…



I fuck with these blenders so hard, I feel like I can’t gloat enough. These are so much better than my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. The only con I have with this sponge that I loved with my Real Techniques sponge is the pointed tip. As you can see, it has a small point to it, but it’s not very pointed so you can get in the corner of your under eye with your concealer. The way it applies my foundation compared to my Real Techniques one though is top notch.

Since I got these as a gift, I’m not sure what the exact price for these ones are. On The Creme Shop’s website these retail $7.00 a piece, so since I know for a fact these came from TJ Maxx and they were in a pack I’m guessing that’s what my mom got for this pack. $7.00 a piece isn’t bad, considering I refuse to pay $20 for the beauty blender at Sephora. If you do go to your local TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross, etc. I don’t doubt that you’ll be able to find these blenders cheaper than $7.00.

Since it’s February and I promised that I would only buy and review drugstore products, do you also want me to include makeup tools as well? Or should I just stick to the actual makeup products? Let me know and I hope you enjoyed the review!


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