January Favorites 2017

Oh my god you guys, this month went by so quick. This post came up on me and I was like, “Damn Gina we already here?” Yes, Gina, we are here. January for me wasn’t really a month for trying out new things, I have no idea why. Maybe the fact that I’m broke plays a huge part in it, but who knows? I feel like February will be the month where I finally get to dabble a little, because I’m making February a drugstore month. I’m going to only buy drugstore makeup this month (crossing my fingers that I stick with this).

As I was thinking about this post, I thought, “This is also a fashion blog so why not include, I don’t know, fashion?” So every month I’ll be showing you guys what I wore most of that month, which I’m excited for because hello who doesn’t love clothes? Amirite?



Old Spice Odor Blocker Deodorant: $5.49

First up: Deodorant. I know this is kind of weird, but holy shit you guys, this was an amazing purchase. Since the dawn of time I have used Arm and Hammer Ultra Max deodorant. Part of me bought it because I loved the way it smelled, but over time I noticed that it doesn’t really keep the stench away when I sweat it just masks it. Thank God that I don’t have bad B.O. but when I would take my shirt off after I got home from work I’d wonder why my pits smell so bad. When I finally ran out of my old deodorant I knew it was time so I walked into Target and picked this up. The reason I picked Old Spice totally wasn’t because of the way it smelled (lies) but because of the fact that I don’t feel gross when I wear it.


Rimmel London Lip Conditioning Balm by Kate Moss: $5.79

If you guys needed more of a reason to subscribe to ipsy, here’s another. I’ve tried Kate Moss’s lipstick for Rimmel and I can’t even remember what my thoughts were on it, because I was a junior in high school. This lip balm though is so kick-ass. When I was leaving for Canada on Friday this fell out of my ipsy bag and I was like, “Eh I’ll just try it right now.” Instant love. This qualifies for marriage my friends. It’s not too gooey or sticky and you can feel it seeping into your lips. Since I am such an avid lipstick wearer my lips are constantly dry so when I tried this it was like Angel’s were blessing me. 10/10 would recommend.


ABH Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood: $20

Staying on the lip trend, this is an oldie but a goodie. This bad boy is what started my obsession with ABH. Pure Hollywood is one of those iconic nude lipsticks that everyone loves. I dug this out of the bottom of my duffle bag and it’s like the heavens were singing when I realized what shade this was. This whole month I’ve been turning to this for lipstick, because it’s such a nice subtle shade especially for work.


Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil: $24

Okay so I know that in my What’s in my Makeup Bag I told you guys that I was just using this until I found a pencil I really liked. Welllll, this bad boy ended up breaking off and once it did that I loved it. It’s like it needed to break for the magic to come through. This gives me complete control of how to fill my brows in and actually does a really decent job of filling them in. I just really like the way it makes my brows look.


Pacifica Blushious Blush in Wild Rose: $12

Yes, hi, I have finally found a blush I really love. So this was another ipsy surprise and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m so picky about blush especially due to my pale complexion. Whenever I put blush on I want a nice subtle color and for some reason blush can look really pink/peachy on me. This blush gives me that pinch of color I want and I run with it.


Nyx  HD Concealer Wand: $4.99

FINALLY MY FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT OF THE MONTH. This concealer is literally the light of my life. Usually my favorite thing to do in my makeup routine are my eyebrows, but this has changed the game completely. I love using this to shape my brows and dot under my eyes. This doesn’t crease on me and it hides the dark circles under my eyes. By far, this is the best concealer I’ve ever tried and who knows if I’ll ever try another.


Cleanlogic Exfoliating Body Scrubber: $3.49

Bless my best friend for this, because this bad boy has changed the game in my skincare routine. While I’m still on the hunt for a decent exfoliator (comment some suggestions if you have some good ones!) this cloth has been making up for it. I don’t have bad texture except in between my eyebrows. I don’t know what it is, but oh my god my foundation always cakes up there. Since I started using this, it’s diminished the cakeyness quite a bit. Yes, there’s still some texture, but not as much as before and I can’t wait to start using this with an actual exfoliator.



You guys, I’m finally thrifting. This whole month I’ve lived in this sweatshirt. I found this at Savers for like $5 and it’s in really decent shape and very comfy. Since it’s gloomy outside and I haven’t been working that much, I’ve only been chilling in yoga pants and sweatshirts this whole month (that’s also my attire as I write this post). I always seem to get compliments on this sweatshirt so I figured why not put it in as a favorite.


Topshop Leigh Jeans

So of course I had to include these jeans. I have worn these jeans loads of times this month and the quality of them is top notch. I bought these when I was in New York in 2015 and didn’t really start wearing them until around December last year. These are so comfy and they hug me so well. My mom always makes comments about how Topshop jeans look on me, but I love them and think I look damn good in them. The thing with the Leigh fit is that it’s kind of a shot in the dark on whether you’re going to get a decent pair or not.


In case you were wondering what they look like, here’s a little sneak peek from my next lookbook.


H&M Iron Maiden tee

Listen, working at H&M is such a blessing because I get things for 25% off and we have an abundance of band tees. I bought a white Metallica shirt a couple of months ago so when this shirt went on sale for $7 I knew I needed to get it. The best thing about H&M is the fact that you get decent quality clothes for a decent price. I literally wear this shirt all the time, even more than the sweatshirt. It’s so easy to throw on and look bad as hell.


These are another pair of jeans that I bought a long time ago, but didn’t wear until recently. OHMYGODYOUGUYS THESE JEANS MAKE ME LOOK SO SKINNY. I will happily admit that American Eagle jeans fit my body the best. I have such a weird body shape that finding jeans are a real hassle, but American Eagle always seems to fit just right.


Last, but not least we have a pair of slippers. Aren’t these the cutest things ever? I got these for Christmas from my Grandma and I absolutely love them. First of all, they go on like socks and they’re so thick and warm. Yes, I’m twenty years old and wearing these but I am not ashamed. I would happily strut these down a runway, mama doesn’t care.

I apologize for not having links to the clothes, but apparently the jeans aren’t available and since the Iron Maiden shirt was on sale it’s no longer on the website. If you live near an H&M I would go check out men’s sale because you’ll most likely find some band tees amongst them.

So what were your January favorites? Did you guys like me including fashion? Let me know in the comments!


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