My Style Icons

While it’s important for us to channel our own style, we all have those people who have influenced it in a way. Whether you play it down or you’re out of this world, who set the trend for you?

As you all know this is a fashion blog, so I thought, “Why not introduce you guys to the people who broadened my horizon when it comes to fashion?” Granted, these are just the women who really made me want to go out and wear what I want to wear.

5. Danielle Bernstein


I’m sure those of you who aren’t new to the blogging world know exactly who this is. Danielle Bernstein is the creator of WeWoreWhat, which for those of you who don’t know her she is a big deal in the blogging world. I follow this woman on all social media platforms, because when there’s a new trend it interests me to see her take on it. What I respect the most about her is how she dabbles her fingers into everything, including men’s fashion and interior decorating. I don’t know, I have mad respect for her and the fact that she’s inspired quite a few people to start their own blog.

4. Perrie Edwards


So here we have the beautiful Perrie Edwards. It wasn’t until recently that I was like, “Holy shit, Perrie has got it going on.” It’s hard to deny that Perrie can pull anything off, because look at her. This girl literally screams “Rockstar wife” vibes and is everything I want to be. Plus have you heard her sing? Girl’s got pipes. Perrie, to me, is that girl who can be very girly, but if she needs to be a bad bitch she’s not scared to pull that side out.

3. Bella Hadid


Yes, hi, I just would like to say I have a huge problem with the fact that it wasn’t until lately that Bella Hadid finally got the recognition she’s always deserved. If I’m being honest as much as I love Gigi, I’m starting to love Bella more. Bella is the chic Wednesday Addams. Every time I see her latest outfits I want to be her best friend. I’m just like ‘AHH WHY DIDN’T WE GO TO THE SAME HIGH SCHOOL AND BECOME BEST FRIENDS?’

2. Kendall Jenner


Ah, Kendall Jenner. I know that any of my friends who read this are going to be shocked, because I literally bitch about the Kardashians. I’m not here to bash though, only to praise. Kendall is the ultimate trend setter and there’s not one person who can deny that. The millennial generation turns to this girl to see what she’s going to come up next. She shut down her Instagram and the whole world had a reaction. The reason why Kendall is one of my style icons is because she has never been scared to pull out the mom jeans. I am an avid believer that mom jeans will forever be appropriate and the fact that she styles them up in every way, shape and form makes me have mad respect for her. I know she has a stylist, but let’s be real she obviously has an idea of how to dress herself. I also love that she’s opened the door a little bit to freeing the nipple. I’m not saying she is responsible for the movement, because she isn’t, but because of her influence it sheds a light that if you don’t want to wear a bra and you’re not scared to show your breasts then you do you. Also if you don’t want to flash your nips that’s fine too.

1. Eleanor Calder


All One Direction fans are going to know who this is, but for those of you who don’t it’s Louis Tomlinson’s ex. Whoa whoa hold on, that doesn’t take away from her character though. Ever since she came into the lime light, Eleanor has been a style icon for many people (Yes, mainly One Direction fans but more as the years have gone on). Eleanor is the reason that I got into fashion, because I found myself being inspired by her outfits. She is my first style icon and even to this day I’m creeping around to see who she’s wearing. In a way, I’ve grown up watching her style evolve, even being there when she launched her own blog. When I used to walk into stores I would spot things and say, “Hey mom, Eleanor would wear this, can I get it?” I was that influenced. Fashion is obviously something you should make your own, but this is the person who in a way broadened the horizon for me.

Who are your style icons? Out of all the women in this post who’s style do you love the most? Let me know!


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