Givenchy Antigona | Review

Oh my god, you guys, I finally get to talk to you about the love of my life. My one and only. My cup of tea. Ugh, she’s flawless isn’t she?

Anyways, I told you the story of how I got this bad boy in my What I Got for Christmas, but for those who haven’t read that post yet it will be copy and pasted down below.

“Picking out my Givenchy bag was kind of a hit or miss, because when my mom said that I could have a designer bag for Christmas, ya girl did her research. I went through every designer that I knew at one point I had admired a bag of theirs. The day I was picking out the bag I even went into Gucci and I’ve never thought about Gucci as a contender for being one of my favorite brands before. Initially, it really came down to whether I wanted the Saint Laurent Tri-Quilted shoulder bag, but when I tried it on I immediately crinkled my nose. It was so big and looked like it could swallow me (I also think it’s sort of old lady looking).

When they brought out my bag, my heart fluttered and that’s how I knew it was meant to be. Initially, my mom chose it because she liked the studs and she knows I don’t like having the same exact thing as other people. When I think of Givenchy Antigona, I think of it in glazed leather because everyone has it. I knew I didn’t want the glazed because it marks easily and if you’re spending big money on a bag you want it to be in perfect condition. A bag like this is an investment and it’s something you’re going to have for the rest of your life.

I knew that I wanted a bag that I could pair with almost every outfit. The studs are what I love the most, because they’re playful. The studs give the bag a feel of I can be a badass or I can be a chic bitch.”

Aaaaand scene. So there’s my love story with this bag.

So let’s talk size. I have the small size. Yes, I know it’s not small small, but compared to the medium, it’s small. Someone actually asked me on Instagram if I could fit an 11-inch laptop in this bag, but since I have a 13-inch I couldn’t answer her. Would it shock me if I could fit an 11-inch? Absolutely not. What I love most about this bag is how much I can fit into it. Usually when I’m out I’m always thinking up what I can come up for you guys next. Well, what do you use to jot down your ideas? A notebook. It’s not that I couldn’t fit a notebook in my other bag, but how chic do I look when I pull a notebook out of this bad boy? That’s really the only reason I picked this bag.


For those of you who want a big bag, but don’t want a duffle *cough cough* medium size Antigona *cough cough* then this is the perfect size for you. If you’re desperate to fit a laptop inside this bag though, get the medium size or buy a smaller laptop.

The reason I chose the Givenchy Antigona isn’t because it was just a Christmas gift, but this is a bag I have begged for since I was a junior in high school I believe. When my mom and I went to New York for my 19th birthday we walked into Bergdorf’s and would you believe that they were having a handbag sale? It was like being in a room full of things I could never have. Anyways, what just happened to be on sale was a Givenchy Antigona Python bag and the woman had to tell me it was runway. I think Bergdorf’s had to mop me off their floor that day, I was so infatuated. I was so stunned by this bag that I had to ask to hold it, then the woman told me it was just $3200 and I dropped that sucker like it was on fire. It’s not that my bag wasn’t expensive, but at the time I couldn’t even fathom the price.

The outfit thing also played a part in picking my bag, but anyways let’s get back to picking this bag apart.

For some reason when I picked this bag out suddenly everyone had an epiphany that I was going to get mugged, but I had to make it clear that A) I have nothing valuable in my purse ever and B) I would get mugged whether I was carrying a Givenchy bag or a bag from Forever 21. What diminishes any of that from happening just happens to be the shoulder strap that keeps my purse tucked tightly under my arm, also the mace I carry inside the purse.

One of the things that attracted me to this bag is the zipper. Why, Ericka? It’s just a zipper? Well, let me tell you Barry that you can feel when someone is getting into your purse because of the noise the zipper makes and the thing is so stinking big that it barely allows you to open your purse unless you set it down and whip it open so you’ll feel if someone is trying to dig in your purse.

I know that one of the cons a lot of people had was the fact that the handles don’t go down, in a way I get it because they do poke your armpit when you’re using the strap, but I’d rather be poked than having someone easily grip onto them and rip my purse away from me. Trust me, if someone’s pulling this purse they’re pulling you too.

Okay people, let’s get down to the numbers. Givenchy has only two styles of this bag that they have year round. They both come in small and medium, but you can either get the glazed leather or the pebbled leather. The bag I have is pebbled leather, but what makes it stand out are the studs. Now this is a second version of this bag, because Givenchy originally brought this bag out with the studs outlining the whole purse.


Where mine only has the studs around the handles.


Givenchy is notorious for bringing out different versions of their bags, which is amazing in case you wanted a bag from a previous season and you weren’t able to get your hands on it.

The glazed leather Antigona retails for $2280 in size small and $2435 in size medium. The pebbled leather is $1750 in small and $2435 in medium. Now my purse retailed for $2750 if I remember correctly. Of course we weren’t going to pay that. So when we went to Saks we met a woman and she gave us her business card and said she would contact us in case the bag ever went on sale. She texted us a few weeks later and still had the bag on hold for us and said if we came in we could get the bag 40% off and then an additional 10% if my mom opened up a card. There’s 50% off and that would bring the bag to $1375 which is less than just the plain pebbled leather, but then of course there was tax and I think that brought the bag to $1565 and some odd cents. I’m not dumb, I know that is a lot of money, but I also know this is a bag that I will be using for the rest of my life until I can buy my own designer bags.

The biggest con I have with this bag is that when I opened it on Christmas, I could not figure out how to put the strap on. I’m so used to the clippy straps so I was trying to bend the metal, but turns out there’s a little split in the metal clasp where you just slip it on. I’m so ashamed that I even had to google how to put the strap on.

I will warn you though that this bag is very heavy, maybe it doesn’t feel heavy on its own but once you stick a few things in there it feels like you’re carrying around logs. It’s nice though if you need to carry a lot with you, but your shoulder will be feeling it the next day.

Shoutout to my mom though, because she literally always comes through for me. I wasn’t exactly sure if this bag was going to actually be mine because you know when something is really expensive you’re kind of like, “Eh they’re just saying that.” While I was hunting down the perfect bag, she was laughing and poking fun at me because of how serious I was taking this challenge. The day we went to Saks and bought the purse she wasn’t playing around and was counting everything out carefully, even the change. So yeah, thanks mom.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, because I enjoyed writing it if you can’t tell by the length. What are your favorite designer bags?

If you want to know my updated thoughts, check out my year in review on this bag!


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