Brushes | Ride or Die

I’ve yet to see someone write a post on their Ride or Die brushes, so I’m gonna go for it.

We all know it’s important to have the right products for a flawless makeup look, but the brushes are what it all comes down to. If you don’t have the right brushes, then what’s the point? We can all reflect on the days where we were too broke for brushes and used our fingers, but blending out your foundation with your fingers? No thanks bro. Walking into the makeup game, I learned quickly it was all about the brushes you used so I turned to what I thought would work best for me and found my ride or dies.



Haha my beauty blender looks gross so we’re gonna use a pretty picture of a clean one instead. So you’re probably thinking that I buy the $20 one at Sephora.


Your girl, Ericka, goes to TJ Maxx and gets the one that’s like $3. Sure it doesn’t stay damp easily, but it blends my foundation well and works best for me. I don’t judge anyone who wants to pay $20 for the beauty blender, because like I wouldn’t pay $20 for the beauty blender they might not pay $29 for my Dior mascara. It’s all about priorities.


Beau Gâchis Concealer Brush: $16

Now while I use the tip of my beauty blender to blend out the concealer under my eyes, I use this bad boy to trace out my eyebrows. I received this concealer brush in my ipsy bag and said a silent prayer in thanks, because I had been holding out on buying one of these.  So go ipsy once again.



Okay gross, foundation. I don’t know why I didn’t notice that when I took this picture, I guess I was too busy focusing on the actual brush hairs being clean. Anyways, I’m sure you’re thinking, “She definitely uses this for shadow.” *loud buzzer noise* Wrong. I actually use this to apply my eye primer, smart right? For a while I was using my finger, but the product would stick to my finger and not to my eye so I started using this bad boy. This of course applies the product and reaches the area that my finger wouldn’t. I couldn’t find a link for this, so sorry guys.


MAC 215 Medium Shader Brush: $25

I know you guys saw me praise my Lottie London Perfectly Precise brush for getting those small corners, but this has been my Holy Grail since day one. The MAC 215 was my first real shader brush and I know I told you guys about how I spray my Lottie brush before I use a shimmery shadow, but I do the same with this and the result is 10x better. The difference between this and the Lottie brush is even though the Lottie brush gets into the corner of my eye better, this brush applies the shadow better. Yes I need to get the right angle, but I love this one just a liiiiiiittle bit more.


Yeah this was another brush that I didn’t feel like cleaning either so thanks Google. Haha I know I’m garbage. It’s rare that I ever use a brush that was in a palette, but I just needed to try out this blender brush. It was the best decision I ever made. This blends out everything so flawlessly and I’m living for it. I even use the flat brush to apply shadow to my crease, so it’s a win-win obviously.



MAC 128 Split Fibre Brush: $35

Ahh the MAC 128, another Holy Grail. Since I’m not quite the contour queen yet, I use this bad boy to blend out my bronzer. Yes, even though I use a small amount I do need to blend it out. I’m not exactly sure what this is meant for, but it does it’s job.


Thank God for Walmart. Yes, that’s where this blush brush came from. Since I got a new blush in my ipsy bag, this is what I’ve been using to apply it and I love how glamorous this applies my blush. Since I’m not much of a blush girl, it lets me apply just the perfect amount.

I hope you guys enjoyed! What are your Holy Grail brushes? What brand of brushes are your favorite! Let me know!



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