Nyx Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand | Review

God I am digging the roll I’ve been on this week, can you tell 2017 is gonna be a good year? As you all know I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect foundation, but as of lately it’s really been about finding the right concealer. I was using the Maybelline Fit Me for a while, but I accidentally bought too dark of a shade and had to kick it to the curb. Finally, I got my butt in gear and took a trip to target to buy a new concealer. After a trip to two DIFFERENT Targets I was out of luck with finding the Fit Me concealer in my shade so I decided it was time to try something new. Now I used to use the Rimmel Match Perfection up until maybe June 2016 so I thought maybe I would go back to that, but of course they were out of my shade as well.

For those of you who have read my Products I Regret Buying you know that I don’t have the best history with the brand Nyx. I didn’t really have a choice though so their concealer would have to suffice.

First off, let’s start with the way this concealer is described on both Target and Ulta’s website.

Target: “This lightweight cover-up obscures imperfections discoloration and under eye circles without ever looking cakey or obvious. The concentrated emollient-rich formula goes on like a dream and creates medium to heavy coverage.”

Ulta: “Little wonder the Concealer Wand is one of NYX’s best-sellers. The concentrated, emollient-rich concealer formula goes on like a dream, is non-comedogenic and creates medium to heavy coverage. Use the lavender for sallow skin, the green to neutralize redness and the yellow for under-eye darkness.”

I have to start off by talking about the name of it. HD Photo Concealer. Even though neither of the descriptions talk about why it’s named that, a person can immediately assume that they’re talking about how it shows up in pictures. The first day I tried this out I was shooting with Sam for an upcoming post.


Here’s an unedited picture from the shoot and as you can tell my under eyes look flawless. So it obviously wears nicely in pictures.

Okay, but is it medium to heavy coverage? I had to go to court one morning with one of my friends and used this. I didn’t touch up any of my makeup that day and had it on at least 13+ hours, so when I came home even though my foundation had moved an inch my concealer hadn’t. I even took a nap in this concealer and usually when I nap there are dark spots from my mascara, but even that was unnoticeable.

As much as I love high end makeup products, concealer has never been something I went to Sephora to buy. I’ve itched to try the Kat Von D Lock-It concealer and I’ve itched to try the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, but when I walk into Sephora I never think about purchasing them. I’ve seen so many people rave about both and even though concealer should be a huge staple when it comes to my makeup it’s not so I don’t spend the money on them.

For the price though, the quality and quantity when it comes to this concealer is fantastic. I’m so over the moon with this product and I’m glad I can show you guys how it looks in photos especially due to the name. You can buy the concealer here and if you do tell me what you think!

So, what are your favorite concealers? Leave a comment and tell me why! I’d love your guys’ feedback!


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