Make Up Forever & Too Faced Lipstick | Review

Ahh! My first lipstick review of 2017! I know I brag to you guys all the time about how much I love eyeshadow, but everyone who knows me knows that I’ll choose lipstick over eyeshadow any day of the week.

Okay, so we have two major brands: Make Up Forever and Too Faced. Both are highly anticipated in the makeup world. All I ever hear about are these two brands when they come out with something new, so let’s jump into my impression of the two, shall we?


Too Faced La Crème Lipstick // Naked Dolly

Don’t let the pretty packaging fool you, this lipstick is nothing to jump up and down about. First off, the pictures they have on their website don’t depict the true color of the lipstick.


Here is the websites picture.


And here’s what it looks like on me. I know this photo is absolute garbage, but zits and whatnot had to be cropped out.

You can admit though, it looks like there’s nothing on my lips. I knew that I was buying a nude lip, but I didn’t expect it to be nude to the point that it would look like there was nothing on my lips. I wasn’t the only person who had a problem with these lipsticks, some of the girls in my group chat (shoutout to Fooking Oohz) bought other colors and when they came in the mail they were equally disgusted. We all felt as though we had been ripped off, we were just glad that we didn’t pay full price for the lipsticks.

Too Faced as a brand intrigues me, because a lot of people rave about their Born This Way foundation, their eyeshadow palettes and their bronzers. Hell, I even own their Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Lady Balls and I love it. It’s long wearing and I intend to buy more. So you can imagine when I received this disappointment in the mail, I questioned my own loyalty to the brand.


Make Up Forever Artist Rouge Lipstick // Rosewood (C211)

Make Up Forever wasn’t really a brand that attracted me, until I saw this lipstick. I saw a picture of Taylor Swift wearing this and I immediately had to have it. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to spend $22 on it, but I had a gift card so who cares.

The second I put this lipstick on, I fell in love. It’s a deep love, let me tell you. I’ve only ever worn matte lipsticks, especially since I’m so bad about touching my face and somehow always end up bumping my lipstick. Listen, this is literally a stick lipstain. I can bump this and it won’t go anywhere and I never have to touch it up, because even though it feels like it’s rubbed off throughout the day it’s still there. This is probably the most lightweight lipstick I own.

I can’t even rave to you how much I love this and how I’m 99.9% positive that this is going to be a ride or die lipstick for me.

Thanks T Swift for helping me find my new favorite lipstick. Loved your song Out of the Woods.



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