Fashion Favorites: The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes have never been an award show that caught my eye, but that’s never stopped me from stalking the red carpet. Even though I missed the award show, I noticed all the rave about what everyone wore all over social media. Cosmopolitan by midnight had already named the best and worst dressed, where by morning Vogue was praising all the big names wearing big designers.

As I did with the AMA’s, I’m gonna be sharing with you guys my fashion favorite from last night. I’m gonna warn you, I was so impressed with what I saw that there will be a lot of praising in this post.


Sarah Jessica Parker // Vera Wan

We of course have to start off with the first outfit that caught my eye: Sarah Jessica Parker in Vera Wang. The first thing you think about when you hear Vera Wang is ‘Wedding Dress’ especially if you’ve seen Bride Wars as many times as me. Whenever the interviewers asks who the person is wearing and they say Vera Wang I’m always genuinely shocked, because I’m like, “Oh shit she doesn’t only make wedding dresses.” I’m highly aware that this resembles a wedding dress, but I don’t care I’m in love. I love the detailing around her waist and the cold-shoulder sleeves, even the halo braid adds a little somethin’ somethin’. SJP is notorious for her fashion choices, especially when she channels a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw and let’s not play the skirt of the dress resembles Carrie’s wedding dress when she attempts to marry big for the first time.


Evan Rachel Wood // Altuzarra Custom tuxedo

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I have no idea who Evan Rachel Wood is. Although, I can tell you I didn’t waste any time obsessing over this outfit and neither did the rest of the world. I have to praise her for how well she pulled off the tuxedo, because not a lot of women can. This being a custom tux probably played a part in that as well. Let’s just say she didn’t play by the rules and I love that.


Nicole Kidman // Alexander McQueen

I DON’T CARE WHAT COSMO SAYS THIS DRESS WAS TO DIE FOR. For as long as I’ve been watching award shows, nothing Nicole Kidman has ever wore caught my attention until now. I have a newfound love for Alexander McQueen so when I found out that this is who she was wearing I was over the moon. What really attracts me is the frill at the bottom and the sequins. I love that she didn’t overload this dress with jewelry and downplayed it so we could focus on the beauty of this dress.


Hailee Steinfeld // Vera Wang

For those of you that read my post about my favorites at the AMA’s you know that Hailee was on that list too. I am so happy that Hailee’s stylist doesn’t try to stick her in anything ridiculous and that she always shows up to award shows looking effortlessly beautiful. I’m also not playing when I tell you guys that this shade of purple is what I’ve talked about sticking my bridesmaids in when I get married. She’s also wearing Vera Wang, which I’m not going to lie I knew the second I looked at this that it was Vera Wang. Overall I love this look and it was one of the best in my opinion.


Issa Rae

I don’t know why no one can find out who she was wearing, but either way she looks amazing. This whole look radiates confidence and since it’s her first Golden Globes I have to tip my hat to her for choosing an amazing dress. She pulled a Nicole Kidman and she downplayed her jewelry as well to let us focus on the dress.


Blake Lively // Atelier Versace

*grits teeth with eyes full of tears* I don’t care what Cosmo said, my mother was serving looks and she was innovative for picking a dress with pockets.

Now that my episode is done and over with, let’s just take a moment to gawk at my mother, Blake Lively. Done? Okay good. Blake always serves the best looks on a silver platter when she attends award shows. We all remember that iconic dress in that iconic picture where her husband Ryan Reynolds can’t take his eyes off her.


Yes that one. I just really love Blake Lively and how she is a real life Cinderella.


Priyanka Chopra // Ralph Lauren

This is another girl who I have no idea in what way she’s relevant, but HER DRESS. LISTEN, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS LOOK SCREAMS QUEEN CLEOPATRA. What shocks me the most is that this is Ralph Lauren and this might be my midwestern roots coming out, but the only thing I know about Ralph Lauren is the fact that they make polos and Rachel Green worked for them. Hats off to Ralph Lauren though, because for years to come this will be a look to remember.

We’re almost to the end, I promise.


Lily Collins // Zuhair Murad Couture

I was on the floor, bowing down when I saw this dress. Lily Collins blew me away with this. I don’t care who you are or where you come from, this was an amazing look. This look was amongst the most elegant at the Globes and I will forever talk about this dress. To me, it screams Marie Anoinette era and if I could go back in time that is definitely a time I would visit especially for how the royals dressed. It’s beautiful and will forever be in my heart.

(If you didn’t catch my little joke, shame on you and go watch Tarzan)


Emma Stone // Custom Valentino

Last, but not least we have Emma Stone in her custom Valentino. I know you’re not shocked to see this, because everyone has fallen in love with this dress. Valentino as a brand is spectacular so I’m not shocked that this dress was custom made for her. I especially love that this dress played tribute to a song in her new movie La La Land. Emma Stone is undoubtedly beautiful and she always comes to win when she’s at an award show. I’m excited for what else she has to bring this award season.



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