What I Got For Christmas 2016

It’s official, Christmas is over. Do you hear crying? Oh wait, that’s just me. Anyone who knows me, knows that when Christmas is over I go into serious mourning. Yes, I know my birthday is in December so why mourn over just a few more presents? Listen, it’s deeper than that. Christmas just gives me this feeling deep inside (I’m sure you know what feeling I’m talking about, but we’re going into it) that makes me feel content. Christmas for me isn’t all about the family gatherings and the food, it’s about the lights and the anticipation to watch my favorite holiday movie on ABC Family. It’s the little things about the holiday. As I’m older now and I buy presents now, I more so anticipate giving the gifts and seeing how everyone reacts rather than getting gifts.

So this isn’t going to be like my birthday post. I won’t be showing you guys everything I received, mainly due to the fact that I got loads of miscellaneous stuff. However I will be showing you the stuff I got from my mom and my favorite gift I got from my extended family. Also, I won’t be going into detail with these products except maybe two? It depends. Either way, I’ll try to link everything. This won’t be a very long post so just a warning.

P.S. I need to just let you know that I’m not bragging about what I’ve received. I love seeing what people got for Christmas (mainly because I’m nosy), but if this isn’t your thing don’t feel like you need to read it.

The Mother



From left to right:

H&M (This is really soft and nice so go buy it while H&M still has it, they have loads of colors to choose from too)


American Eagle

TJ Maxx



I apologize for the fact that the only link I was found was the H&M one.



From left to right:

TJ Maxx (Listen, even though I couldn’t find a link go to your local TJ Maxx/Marshall’s/Ross or any store like those and look for a pair of Nautica pajama pants. They are the comfiest/softest pair of pajama pants I own and I absolutely love them.)

Victoria’s Secret

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx (Yes, that is a pair of Calvin Klein sleep shorts next to a pair of Calvin Klein sleep pants. I also found a similar pair.)


American Eagle

Dun dun dunnnnn 

I am very, very excited to show you guys the best gift my mom has ever given me.


The Givenchy Antigona.

AHHHH I’M SO ECSTATIC. Remember that Christmas present I told you I was picking out when I got my Stuart Weitzman boots? This is it. This is the Holy Grail, everyone. I have begged for one of these since my junior year of high school. If we’re being honest what started the obsession was this picture of Gigi Hadid where her whole outfit just screams “street style”, but then in her hand she has this very extravagant bag.


I don’t even want to talk about how long it took me to find this picture, nor do I want to talk about how I’m not even sure if that’s a Givenchy bag even though it’s pretty darn close. Either way, this is what spurred the obsession and the need to have one in my life.

Picking out my Givenchy bag was kind of a hit or miss, because when my mom said that I could have a designer bag for Christmas, ya girl did her research. I went through every designer that I knew at one point I had admired a bag of theirs. The day I was picking out the bag I even went into Gucci and I’ve never thought about Gucci as a contender for being one of my favorite brands before. Initially, it really came down to whether I wanted the Saint Laurent Tri-Quilted shoulder bag, but when I tried it on I immediately crinkled my nose. It was so big and looked like it could swallow me (I also think it’s sort of old lady looking).

When they brought out my bag, my heart fluttered and that’s how I knew it was meant to be. Initially, my mom chose it because she liked the studs and she knows I don’t like having the same exact thing as other people. When I think of Givenchy I think of the Antigona in glazed leather, everyone has it. I knew I didn’t want the glazed because it marks easily and if you’re spending big money on a bag you want it to be in perfect condition. A bag like this is an investment and it’s something you’re going to have for the rest of your life.

I knew that I wanted a bag that I could pair with almost every outfit. The studs are what I love the most, because they’re playful. The studs give the bag a feel of I can be a badass or I can be a chic bitch. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to shoot with this.

I would love to link this for you, guys, but it’s no longer available. I’m also going to delve into this price of this, because like I told you in my Stuart Weitzman review I’m not gonna leave you high and dry. So, the purse’s original price was $2750 and we got it when Saks had their presale. With 40% off and an extra 10% with my mom’s Saks card we got it for $1565 and that’s including tax.

The Grandmother

As we drew names this year on my dad’s side I only got one gift from the extended family. The only person who bought for everyone was my grandma and boooooy did she come through for me. Listen, my grandma as much as I love her, when I was little she never bought me anything I absolutely loved for Christmas. Now that I’m older, fashion seems to be something we bond over and she incorporated that in my gift this year.


I cannot describe the feeling I felt when I opened this. It’s a big deal to have a vintage Chanel scarf AND YES IT’S REAL. I didn’t know what she handed the lady at Chanel when we went, but I heard her mumble to my grandma that it is indeed a real Chanel product. For those of you who don’t know the history of Chanel and their products, Mama’s gonna delve into it for you.

Everyone knows that Chanel is the powerhouse of fashion and they are definitely living up to their reputation. Every season Chanel makes items that will never be seen again. The design on their purses, they’re clothing, even the buttons will never be seen again. So when I opened this up, I was ecstatic because I have something that is special. I know I’m not the only person in the world who has this scarf, but I know I’m of a very few who do have it.

I won’t be posting anything else this week, so I hope you all have a Happy New Year! See you in 2017!


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