How I Style & Review | Stuart Weitzman ‘Gigi’ Boot

Oh my god, guys. I officially get to rave to you guys about my Stuart Weitzman ‘Gigi’ boots! So first off, let me give you a little bit of backstory. I know I already told this story in my What I got for my Birthday post, but I’m just gonna copy and paste it into this one.

So the backstory on these starts at Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan. My mom and I were there picking out my Christmas gift when I mentioned that we should go into Stuart Weitzman. My mom trailed behind, but I went in there and headed straight for the ‘Gigi’ boot. The day before I had seen a picture on Instragram of Gigi Hadid wearing the silver patent version of these and they were, of course, slaying my entire existence. I went on the Stuart Weitzman website to find that the silver was sold out and the boot had also been made in Copper and Crocodile.

When I walked into the store, they only had the crocodile on display and I expressed how I was interested to see the silver. The woman told me that someone had returned the silver and she would be happy to show me them. Then she asked if I wanted to try them on. By now, my mom had wandered into the store and was fawning over the crocodile pair while the woman hunted for the silver in the back. After she brought out the silver and I tried them on (which by the way was just for fun and so if I didn’t get the boots the image would forever be in my brain). My mom mentioned me trying on the crocodile pair.

As we sat and talked about the boots, my mom asked which pair I would want if I had to choose. While the silver were beautiful, I also had to keep in mind that they were patent and would scuff up easily. The crocodile in my mind suited my wardrobe a lot more and screamed me.

How I style:




Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Who pairs a maroon skirt with a dark grey top?” Just so you know, the skirt is black and I have no idea why it shows up maroon in pictures.

Anyways when it came to this outfit, I knew I wanted to keep it simple, but dressy. It’s rare that I ever wear a skirt, but when I go out to a Christmas/Holiday party it’s the first thing I reach for. Knowing that this was going to be a black/grey ensemble, I decided to wear my red peacoat for a pop of color. The best part of this outfit, besides the boots, is the coat. What I love most about the coat are the toggles and on the inside of it there’s a plaid design which reminded me of Burberry (also the real reason I bought the coat).

Coat: Macy’s (I would just like to point out how shocked I am, because I bought this at the end of last year).

Top: Similar

Skirt: Similar




Who doesn’t love cowl neck sweaters? Am I right? When I was a little kid, my mom always tried to stick me in turtlenecks (like every other 90s mom), but I never liked anything around my neck. Being older and realizing that a scarf doesn’t always do the job, I’ve started wearing cowl necks and when I was coming up with outfits to pair these boots with I thought, “Why not be cozy?” Boots can be included in a cozy outfit.

Coat: Macy’s (see the plaid is very Burberry)

Sweater: Similar

Jeans: Paige




Please ignore my cheesy grin in the first picture, I was obviously very excited about this shoot. Out of every single outfit, this one is my favorite.This outfit just screams biker chic. You know I’m not a very girly girl dresser, so leather jacket and boots are right up my alley. Also can we just address these jeans? Yes, they’re the same pair that was in the last outfit, but you didn’t get to see the zippers! When I went to Saks while I was in New York I originally wanted the black pair with zippers, but then I came across these and my heart was set. It’s also really cute how Sam always showcases my finger tattoo, a round of applause for Sam everybody.

Jacket: Similar

Top: Kohls

Jeans: Paige


I know what you’re all thinking when you see the heel on this boot: uncomfortable. While I was walking around in Stuart Weitzman I was waiting for a sign to tell me not to buy these boots. I was expecting them to be too tight, too tall, etc. A few days after purchasing the boots, I wore them to a birthday party and I was on my feet four/five hours and they didn’t start to feel sore until right before we left. I also walked around Somerset mall in these for a few hours. If you’re looking for a nice heeled boot that isn’t going to make your feet fall off, these are for you.

Now let’s talk about the material. Three words: Crocodile embossed leather. Listen, none of the other boots I own are as easy to clean as these. I know, I’ve only had them since mid-November, but come on that counts for something! I love the silver detailing on these, the laces. Not only are these going to work in the Fall and Winter time, but the Spring as well.

Yes, these shoes are really a splurge, but if you’re going to drop the money on them you might as well know that you’re getting what you pay for. I can guarantee that these are amazing boots and I’ve never been a heel wearer before these. I’m comfortable knowing that the next time I drop money on a pair of expensive shoes I have a good basis on what to look for.

I’m also gonna give it to you straight before I end this post. These were expensive and I’m not gonna be one of those bloggers who bat their eyelashes and don’t give it to you straight on how much they’re luxury item cost. As these were a gift from my mom the money didn’t come out of my own pocket and I’ll gladly admit that. Second of all, these boots retail for $595 and with tax they were I think $633. I wasn’t lying when I said they were a splurge.

One more thing before I go.


Let’s just appreciate this.


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