Best of 2016

The time has come for me to tell all of you what I loved during 2016. I have to forewarn you that this post contains loads of pictures. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to write this post so I figured, do it like a monthly favorites but let’s make it a little different. So I’ve broken the post up into categories and each category has three or less products.

Now that we’ve gotten through all of that, let me just tell you how excited I am to share these with you! Yes, I know I tell you that in every monthly favorites, but I only got to do two months of monthly favorites so now I get to show you what I loved the other 10 months of the year. Ooh I’m so excited, because there’s so much going into this post. Either way, let’s jump into it!



MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Bare Study: $22

It’s only appropriate that we start with primer. For all of you judging me, yes I know I should invest in the soft ochre, but it’s Christmas and I’m broke. Anyways, the reason this has made the post is the fact that I have used it every time I do my eyeshadow. No I haven’t slipped up once and neither has my eyeshadow when I use this. Listen up, if you’re not using a primer when you put on eyeshadow, please re-evaluate your whole entire makeup routine because you literally need this in your life.



ABH Modern Renaissance Palette: $42

Okay, so I know you’re not shocked to see this because I raved about it so much in my November favorites. I have chosen this palette over a few of my other ones, because it’s the one I’ve reached for the most. The colors suit me, the pigment is literally off the chain (yes, I just used that phrase) and it’s a palette everyone needs. Long story short, I’ve been trying to convince my best friend Bella to buy this bUT SHE HASN’T YET. I have been telling her ever since this palette came out that she needs it, but she hasn’t spent the money on it. She buys other palettes she ends up regretting *cough* smashbox *cough* but hasn’t committed to this one. Either way, you need this and if you don’t buy it, you’re a Bella.


Urban Decay | Gwen Stefani

“An eyeshadow palette we’ve yet to hear about? How could you, Ericka? You’re supposed to give us the news on the latest and greatest!” Listen Barry, your girl’s been saving this for a while, mainly because it’s no longer available. I know, how dare I show you an eyeshadow palette that’s no longer available?  WELL TOO BAD BARRY, THIS PALETTE IS TOP NOTCH AND I NEED TO GLOAT ABOUT IT. The pigment is almost as amazing as the ABH MR palette, but what really attracts me to this palette are the brown shades (also the shimmer shades if you can’t tell). The reason I love the brown shadows so much is the fact that they’re great transition shades. I know, you usually hear about how great the Makeup Geek shadows are when it comes to transition shades, but these are just as amazing. This is just such a great palette and I’m so glad I got my hands on it.


Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara: $29.50

I know that I said there would be a minimum of three products to a category, but I just need to talk about this one more time. I LOVE THIS MASCARA. I could cry over how amazing this is, but then it would run down my face. I said it once and I’ll say it again, I will never ever use another mascara.



MAC Prep + Prime Fix+: $23

MAC Prep + Prime Skin: $31

*Angels singing from up above*

My Holy Grails. Okay, storytime y’all.

So I started using the Prep + Prime skin when I got into makeup and eventually decided to see what else was out there for me. A few months back, I noticed my pores were more noticeable than I liked so I started using the Benefit POREfessional primer. Within the last week or two I noticed a lot of texture on my nose and even though the rest of my face is normal, my nose tends to be oily. I wandered into Sephora and spoke to an employee (which I almost always regret doing) and asked what they suggested. The girl mentioned a hydrating primer and suggested the Too Faced Hangover primer,.I’ve tried the Too Faced primer and it was okay, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the MAC primer I used to use. So here we are, with me praising MAC for creating a product I’ve officially claimed as a ride or die product.

Onto the Fix+. If you’re not using Fix+, you are missing out big time. I’m very aware that I say that when it comes to everything I love, bUT LISTEN BARRY. Fix+ has so many great pros when it comes to using it. I spray this on my shimmery shadows after they’re on the brush and it helps them look much more pigmented. Also this acts as an amazing primer and setting spray. Almost every beauty guru needs this in their life.


Hoola Matte Bronzer: $29

Colourpop ‘Churro’: $8

You’re probably wondering where the bronzer and highlighter come into play. I know I never really talk about bronzer or highlighter, but that’s because when it comes to my makeup routine they don’t play a huge part. When I watch videos I usually see people go all out with their contour, but since I kind of play my face makeup down I don’t get into it as much.

First, let’s talk about the bronzer. Every beauty guru has used the Hoola Bronzer at least once, but that’s because everyone swears by it. If you’re pale like me, it’s questionable as to whether you should even bother with bronzer and just go the blush route, but hey, why not make things a little more challenging for yourself? When i use the bronzer I usually just use it to warm up my cheeks, because *challenging*.

AHH THE HIGHLIGHT. Looking at this made me realize how much I’ve missed using highlighter. I’ve only heard negative things about Colourpop’s highlighter’s so I never dropped money until they swatched Churro on their snapchat story and the rest is history. Um, also this was a limited edition highlighter when I bought it, but now it’s an official highlighter? I don’t know, but I’m excited I don’t have to watch how much I use now.



MAC Velvet Teddy: $16

I know guys, I’m on a roll with MAC here, but this is the last one I promise. Everyone who is an avid MAC user knows that Velvet Teddy is a big deal. I’m not a big lipstick fan (like anything besides liquid lipstick), but this. Oh let me tell you about Velvet Teddy. It’s such a nice, velvety lipstick. Haha puns. I’m so picky when it comes to pinky nudes, because I have deep pink lips and anything that’s lighter than that doesn’t look good against my complexion. That’s where Velvet Teddy comes into play. It just compliments my skin tone so well and I love it.


Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Bow N Arrow: $20

You heard it here first, if you’re looking for a decent brown lipstick that isn’t too out there, Bow N Arrow is the one for you. For a while I had been really wanting a brown lipstick, but this was when I had never jumped on the bandwagon and was very wary about how dark I should go. It wasn’t until inthefrow wore it in one of her videos that I finally decided to swatch it and see how it looked on me. This is another lipstick where if you’re on the paler side it should work for you. The first time I wore this a woman who was a regular customer when I worked at Macy’s came up to me and complimented me on it. The customer and I had actually had plenty of conversations and she knew how much I wanted to move to New York and she lived there for about 30 years so the second she noticed me she said, “You’re wearing the color of New York. There’s not a woman in New York who doesn’t wear brown lipstick.” I literally cried, it made me feel so good.

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this! For some reason I had a really hard time writing it, but I’m so excited for 2017 and all the new products I’ll get to try next year!


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