What I Got For My 20th Birthday

I apologize in advance for how late this is. I have been trying my hardest to get this post up, but I wasn’t sure what format I wanted it on. I initially planned on making a video about what I received, but after filming it three times and watching it all back I realized that being recorded is uncomfortable for me. It looked very practiced and I constantly couldn’t find the right words to use. So here I am, writing about what I got for my 20th birthday.

Honestly, I wasn’t very excited about turning 20. I don’t know why I wasn’t, part of me believes it’s because I was in New York for my birthday last year and then the other part says that it has to do with this being the end of an era. Either way, I didn’t expect much from my birthday, but it was way better than I expected. I was actually shocked at the amount of thought people put in when it came to buying my gifts. Everyone knows your birthday isn’t about the presents, but it lowkey is. Turning 20 actually made me stop and think about moreso what I needed versus what I wanted. I had plenty of conversations about what I expected and people came through.


The Grandparents

First up: My polaroid camera. This was an item I actually wanted, mainly because A) it’s aesthetically pleasing and B) it was meant for something. “What do you mean it was mean for something, Ericka?” STORYTIME.

Ok so, long story short my best friends and I were supposed to go see Kanye on his tour. We had talked about getting a hotel and walking around the area where the concert was held. So as I knew we were getting a hotel, I thought, “Why not get a polaroid camera and capture the best moments?” So I showed this to my grandparents at Target about a week before Black Friday, because it was gonna be on sale. Then Kanye cancelled his tour. Little did I know, they had already bought the camera and figured it would come in handy for other important moments. I used it the night of my birthday to capture everything and, well, it was very aesthetically pleasing. What I love most about a polaroid camera is that it’s in your hand the second it happens. I love flipping through old pictures and having the actual picture in my hand, because honestly how often do you print pictures off your phone? Nearly never.


The Aunt

Listen y’all, my Aunt Melissa is such a good listener. While we were talking about what I wanted for Christmas and my birthday the only thing I told her was that I liked candles. She obviously found more than just a candle.

Let’s start with the Sailor Moon socks. Anyone who knows me knows that Sailor Moon has been my idol since I was 3 years old. I had all the dolls, all the movies, I even dressed up as her for Halloween when I was 3. 12190944_893768320660738_3118219420351986939_n.jpg

Of course I had to show you guys, it’s too cute not to. I MEAN LOOK AT THE BOOTS!! Anyways, before I opened the bag my Aunt Melissa had to tell me how excited she was for me to see these and how she special ordered them. When I pulled them out I WAS SO EXCITED. No one has bought me anything Sailor Moon themed in years. I know they’re just socks, but they’re Sailor Moon socks.

Shall we move onto the candle? Ahh, the candle. The thing that makes me so happy about this is that not only is it a Bath & Body Works candle, but it’s a three wick candle. Any girl who walks into Bath & Body works knows how hard it is to not splurge, especially when candles are literally used in every night routine there is on YouTube. The fact that my bathroom doesn’t have at least two candles on the edge of the bathtub makes me feel like garbage, even though it’s a fire hazard. I have one now so haha in your face, Zoella.

Listen, ya girl Ericka is gonna be writing a review about the body scrub because she’s never used a body scrub. Hell, I even had to look up how to use a body scrub. I’m excited for it, because this body scrub has a jewel in it (Yes, just like that one candle) and I’m eager to know whether it’s a $7500 jewel that I can sell and buy myself a Gucci purse or if it’s $10 and I can get 10 bags of Jolly Ranchers from the dollar store.

Last, but not least from my Aunt: the lotion. I have to tell you guys, I am so picky about lotion. You know how when you’re going through puberty and everyone has different techniques for shaving, but at one point it always ends with lotion? Yeah, me too. The reason I’m picky about lotion is because I have really sensitive skin and it makes my skin itch. I’m not looking to be standing at my job and scratching the hell out of my calves because the lotion I used irritates me. No no. I haven’t used this yet so hopefully that doesn’t happen, plus it smells like vanilla so Mama’s praying.


The Bestfriend

Can I just express to you guys how amazing my friends are? They threw me a party and came to my birthday dinner. It was just really nice. When my bestfriend came downstairs with presents I was over the moon, because she had already done so much. Lexi is just amazing guys.

I’m gonna tell you about the eyeshadow palette first because she told me when she bought it she had in mind that I would write a review on it (which I’m gonna). First and foremost, Lexi is the most supportive person of my blog, because she reads it and she’s honest with me and I love that. I’m so happy that she put her mind into what to get me and that she thought, “Ericka can write a blog post and fill people in on the product.” I swatched the shadows on my hand and arm and they were nicely pigmented, but I’ve yet to put them to use.

When I pulled out the shower cloth, I wasn’t exactly sure what made it so special, but then I actually read the packaging. I’ve also yet to use this product. I’ve basically been waiting to use almost all these products until I got a new blanket to use as a background. Yes, I’m garbage, don’t remind me.

OKAY, BUT I USED THE COLLAGEN MASK, but didn’t use it right. While I was filming one of my unsuccessful videos I didn’t realize that before you use these you have to boil them and I did not do that. I thought these belonged in the trash, but who knows because I didn’t use it right.

Socks are socks and Ericka loves socks. So that’s all I have to say about that.


The Mother


Can we just praise the lord for giving me the brains to get A’s in college, because if it wasn’t for those I wouldn’t have these in my possession. Anyone who’s anyone, knows that Stuart Weitzman is known for being the best known boot designer around. Gigi Hadid consistently models and raves about his products, as does her sister Bella Hadid. Even on her 1989 Tour, Taylor only wore his ‘Gran’ boot while onstage.

So the backstory on these starts at Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan. My mom and I were there picking out my Christmas gift when I mentioned that we should go into Stuart Weitzman. My mom trailed behind, but I went in there and headed straight for the ‘Gigi’ boot. The day before I had seen a picture on Instragram of Gigi Hadid wearing the silver patent version of these and they were, of course, slaying my entire existence. I went on the Stuart Weitzman website to find that the silver was sold out and the boot had also been made in Copper and Crocodile.

When I walked into the store, they only had the crocodile on display and I expressed how I was interested to see the silver. The woman told me that someone had returned the silver and she would be happy to show me them. Then she asked if I wanted to try them on. By now, my mom had wandered into the store and was fawning over the crocodile pair while the woman hunted for the silver in the back. After she brought out the silver and I tried them on (which by the way was just for fun and so if I didn’t get the boots the image would forever be in my brain). My mom mentioned me trying on the crocodile pair.

As we sat and talked about the boots, my mom asked which pair I would want if I had to choose. While the silver were beautiful, I also had to keep in mind that they were patent and would scuff up easily. The crocodile in my mind suited my wardrobe a lot more and screamed me.

I’m not gonna delve into too much about these boot, because I will be writing a review so look out for that.

I’m just so happy I have these, because they’re to die for and something that will never be created again.


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