Massive Makeup Haul & Review

Ahh yes, the time finally came where everything I bought for Cyber Monday found it’s way into my mailbox or onto my front porch. Now, usually when I order things online I feel a pang of, “Jesus Ericka, when are you gonna stop treating yourself to things you don’t need?” although this time it never came. I wish every Monday was Cyber Monday, but whatcha gonna do? Anywho, there will be another post coming very soon, or it might be a video. I’m obviously still deciding, but it will be on what I got for my 20th birthday.



Morphe 35F Palette: $22.99

What would Cyber Monday be if I didn’t buy at least one eyeshadow palette? For some reason, I’ve always been subscribed to Morphe’s emails but never actually made a purchase. Now, everyone knows that all the major beauty YouTubers rave about Morphe, even having their own discount codes. The palette that’s usually raved about is the 35o palette, which I’ll admit is a beautiful palette but I feel as though it isn’t for me. Now, I’ve been browsing their palettes for months now, eyeing this one in particular: The 35F palette.

The moment I laid my eyes on this palette, I was in love. For the last two or three months, I’d been adding it to my cart but never fully committed to it. When I got an email saying that Morphe had everything 25% off on their site, Mama finally came through. I raved to everyone about this palette and all of my friends agreed that it was beautiful and that they wanted one for themselves. It’s actually funny, because when I was telling my friend Bella about it, I went back on the site to take a screenshot of the palette only to see that it had sold out so my guess is that I got one of the very last ones.

Something told me that Morphe wouldn’t be playing around and they would have this on my doorstep as quick as they possibly could. The palette arrived on my 20th birthday and I was like, well, a girl on the morning of her birthday. I was so excited to see how the shadows would hold out especially since I was going to be partying all night. Let me just tell you that Morphe did not disappoint. I had on my makeup for almost 12 hours and the shadows had not moved an inch. Usually my shadows crease after they’ve been on a while (even with a primer), but these shadows didn’t do that. I could’ve cried over how happy I was that they came through for me. Mama will never ever be hesitant to buy from Morphe again.  Before we move on, I just want to rave about the price and quality of their products. Now, I’ve never tried Kylie Jenner’s Kyshadow palettes, but for what you pay for 9 shadows, you pay a fraction for 35 shadows at Morphe (jus’ sayin).



Shit, here I am dogging on Kylie and her products are in this haul. Trust me though, this is a decent review. Okay, so I have to praise Kylie for how generous she’s been when it came to having deals for the holiday season. The girl obviously knows how highly anticipated her products are and how many Christmas lists her products must have been on. For Cyber Monday she had 20% off sitewide and if you spent over $40 you received free shipping. It’s not hard to spend $40 especially on her site, so when she put out that her site everything was 20% off, Mama was scrolling through the site like Kylie was giving out free hotcakes.


Kylie Cosmetics Moon Lipkit: $29

First up, we have Moon. Moon was part of her October release for Halloween and it caught my eye immediately. I watched a few reviews on the four liquid lips she released in October and in almost every single review, Moon was the most favored. So as I do, I did my own investigating and purchased it. I had a shoot with Sam (which will be up in the next week or so) and these came in the mail the same day. I wasn’t sure which lipstick I wanted to wear so I went with the more neutral one. The second Sam saw me he said, “You look like an emo bitch.” I took it as a compliment.

This lipstick wore so well for the few hours I had it on and it dried quickly. Usually with Kylie’s liquid lips it’s very drying, but this one wasn’t. Of course everyone knows the pigmentation is top notch and there’s barely any streakiness when it comes to her lipkits. There is only one tiff I have with this product though and it’s very miniscule. When I put this on, the lipstick went on very gray and if any of you follow the Kylie Cosmetics instagram, Moon looked more so like a dull pink. I’m aware that complexion does play a part in the way a lipstick can look on someone, but it was different than what I expected. This is definitely a lipstick I like and will wear again, but I don’t love it.


Kylie Cosmetics Love Bite lipkit: $29

I AM SO EXCITED TO TELL YOU GUYS ABOUT LOVE BITE. Okay, so let Mama delve a little bit into the love story between Love Bite and myself.

Love Bite was one of those moments that I had with the 35F palette a.k.a. love at first sight. Ever since Love Bite came out, I have eyed it (much longer than I did that 35F palette). I had such a hard time committing to Love Bite because just like Moon it looked different on everybody. When it first came out, it was so purple and bold which is what attracted me to it so much. Although as they started uploading pictures and videos of people putting Love Bite on it looked more so like a dull brown, which turned me off completely. So when I saw the amazing Cyber Monday deal Kylie was having, I forked out the money and bought it.

I actually wore this on my birthday because I was so indecisive about whether I should wear a brown lipstick or do something bold. Thankfully my best friend Lexi was there and she persuaded me to go bold. The second I put it on, I was so in love with it. I knew I had been wanting a purple toned lipstick for a while and I finally had it. I knew Love Bite was a keeper when everyone complimented me on it at my birthday party. If you’re looking for a bold lipstick this is definitely the one you should go with, it looks amazing on all complexions. I can’t even explain to you how much I love this lipstick and how I’m trying to find every excuse I can in the world to wear it.


Another foundation, Ericka? Yes. As I’m running low on my ABH foundation stick, I decided to go out and buy myself a drug store foundation for my party. You all know how much I love Maybelline’s products, but can you believe their Fit Me matte and poreless foundation is one I’ve never tried? I know, very scandalous. Two of my best friends, Lexi and Rachel, swear by this foundation. Yesterday, Rachel and I were talking about higher end foundations and as I was explaining all the pros and cons she shot them down and I told her to just stick with her Holy Grail.

I love how buildable this foundation is and how lightweight it is. I feel so flawless and amazing when I wear this foundation. Usually when I’m wearing foundation, I’m constantly looking at myself in the mirror to make sure it isn’t caking up, but with this one I have none of that. What really attracted me to this foundation is the fact that Rachel has the same problem I have when it comes to applying foundation and that’s making it stay on the bridge of our nose. No matter how much foundations I try  or how much foundation I put on, it just doesn’t want to stay. The Fit Me checks all the boxes for what I look for in a foundation and I’m genuinely pissed that I didn’t try this sooner.


Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara (what a moutful): $8.29

Ha, another Maybelline product, are you shocked? I just have to give a quick praise to my Grandma Carmen for turning me onto this product. That’s right ladies and gents, my Grandmother. What I love about Carmen is how she’s into beauty, especially now that I’m such a makeup fiend and whatever she doesn’t like she passes onto me. Yeah, she didn’t like this product, but that’s just because she doesn’t have eyebrows like I do. She had eyebrows when she was younger, but times have changed and over the years her eyebrows have pulled a Harry Houdini and disappeared. It’s just life.

Although, one day I was doing my eyebrows and she handed me the one she had bought which was in the color blonde. Y’all know I’m not blonde, but I tried it. I don’t care about what high end brow gel you’ve tried, because it doesn’t top this. This is literally cement. I am so grateful to Maybelline for creating fantastic eyebrow products, because now I don’t have to dig in my couch cushions for nickels and dimes to pay for high end products. I won’t praise about how amazing Maybelline is, because you just read about the foundation where I did. Anyways, the brow drama is like a two for one deal. It holds your brows in place which is high key important and it fills in any gaps you may have missed with your pencil or powder.


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