November Favorites


It’s that time of the month again! No..not that one. It’s time for my monthly favorites! Listen, I have been anticipating this post since the beginning of the month. As I said in my October Favorites, this is something I enjoy watching on YouTube and reading on other blogs. Forewarning, there’s more than what’s in the photo above. When it came to picking my favorites for this month, it wasn’t hard to figure out what I wanted to include in this post. So let’s get to it!



Modern Renaissance Palette: $42

I cannot express to you how much I love this palette. This was a palette I highly anticipated when it came out, because you all know how much I love ABH products. I’m such an eyeshadow junkie too so that probably didn’t help. When the Modern Renaissance palette came out I used it religiously throughout August and September. The only time I put it down was when I was using my Makeup by Mario palette from ABH, but what I found is that the Mario palette doesn’t compliment my eye color as much as the Modern Renaissance one does. The pigment in this palette is so amazing and I love how blendable the shadows are. I have never been so impressed with an eyeshadow palette as much as I have this one. Christmas is coming up, everybody, don’t be scared to put this on your list. If you don’t, Santa will judge you, as will I.


Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: $44

I love being a VIB member at Sephora, because I get amazing free samples such as this one. I saw one of my favorite YouTubers, Alex Centomo, rave about this on her channel and when I got offered a free sample I thought, “What the hell, might as well.” Throughout high school, I was an avid user of the Maybelline BB Cream and thought nothing would ever top it. Never say never definitely applies here. I was so excited to include this product in my November Favorites especially, because it is such an amazing product. If you’re someone who’s just getting into makeup and you’re not sure how you feel about foundation yet, but you want something that gives you a nice finish this is the way to go. I love wearing this to work and class, because it’s not heavy and, like I said, it gives you a really nice finish. There have been days where I wear this and people come up and say they love my makeup, but this is all I have on along with eyeliner and mascara. This has especially been perfect, because this month I decided to give my skin a break and not do glam makeup so much. I will definitely be purchasing the full product once my sample runs out.


ABH Foundation Stick: $25

No one better give me shit about this, because I told y’all there would be a few ABH products in this months favorites. I know that I told you last month how much I loved the Tarte Rainforest foundation, but this month I took a break and turned back to this one. I’m one of those people who is still hunting for a foundation that she loves, even though I know how bad it is for your skin when you switch foundations so often. Although, this month this foundation has become such a staple. Also, the price is fantastic especially for how much you get in the stick. When I first bought this foundation, I wasn’t sure how to apply it because it’s a stick. I used a beauty blender and my Real Techniques brush, and they just didn’t work out. Although, I did find a brush for this foundation and it works beautifully. I’m not gonna tell you about the brush in this little snippet, because it’s also included in this months favorites.


The Creme Shop OMG Brush: $10

AND HERE’S THE BRUSH. Can I just express how much I love TJ Maxx? Because I fucking love TJ Maxx. As you can probably guess, this is where I got this bad boy. Listen, everyone remembers when the Artis brushes came out, because everyone was using them! I was so thrown off by them, because they reminded me of those brushes from the 1800s. Don’t pretend you don’t know which ones I’m talking about, because you do. Of course the Artis brushes came out months ago and I’m hopping on the band wagon late, but better late than never. I bought this the same time I bought my Boscia T-Zone treatment, but didn’t break it out until the end of October. I have used this almost every single day this month and I will probably use it everyday until my ABH foundation runs out. This is what gives me the flawless finish. The only time I don’t have a flawless finish is when I do a half-ass job of blending it out, but that’s on me not the brush. Just, can we please praise TJ Maxx for introducing me to this beauty of a product?

P.S. Yes I know this is a contour brush but I don’t care. YOLO.


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Celebrity Skin: $18

Don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming. I raved about this lipstick in my Jeffree Star lipstick review and Celebrity Skin has gone above and beyond since then. I swear, everytime I put this lipstick on it doesn’t move. I wore this to Stevie Nicks last night and after dinner it hadn’t moved an inch. This is a lipstick that will most likely always be in my makeup collection, because it’s such a good quality lipstick. I will forever talk about this, because I’m so in love with it.

P.S. Since it’s Cyber Monday this is on sale for $15!


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser: $15-38 (depending on what size you get)

Hehe, skincare. You all know how much I love washing my face and this beauty, granted I’ve only been using it two weeks, is a literal dream. I know I just put my nighttime skincare up, but this changed the whole entire game with that. I recently started washing my face with my hands, especially while using this. It smells like cucumber and it makes you feel fresh. It’s so gentle and soothing on your skin, no matter what skin type you have. I reccomend this to anybody and everybody because it’s absolutely amazing.


Purlisse Balancing Moisturizer: $44

Purlisse Lip Nourisher: $16

Ooh more skincare! If any of you remember, in my nighttime skincare routine at the very bottom I wrote about how I didn’t have a moisturizer. Twenty minutes after publishing that post, I opened my ipsy bag and was greeted with a moisturizer. It was almost like ipsy knew exactly what I needed. Anyways, I had received the Purlisse lip nourisher in my previous ipsy bag and loved it. When I saw that I had received another Purlisse product and it was a moisturizer, I was over the moon. What I love about ipsy is how they introduce you to new brands that you never thought you needed in your life. Well, let me tell you, you need Purlisse in your life.


It haircare 12-in-one serum: $9.99

Last, but not least, my final November favorite. Yes, it’s a hair product. After chopping my hair, I found that I needed to start blow drying it to get it completely straight which is fine, but if you’re like me and you hate the sound of a blow dryer it’s sort of a hassle. One day I hadn’t dried my hair and the next day it was so frizzy I literally didn’t want to walk out of my house. Of course, I had places to go but I questioned cancelling all of my plans because of my hair. Yeah, I know it’s petty, but whatevs. This serum was another product I received in an ipsy bag (Ipsy is just winning this month) and I had never used it, until I cut my hair. I was so impressed the first time I used it that I’ve been putting off blow drying my hair. This also smells really good and you don’t need a lot of the product for it to go a long way.



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