Fashion Favorites: AMA Edition

As an avid follower of pop culture and fashion it’s only right that I praise some of the best outfits from important events in the entertainment industry. I’ll try to do this as award season starts to roll around some more. While I could pull a Joan Rivers and try to shit on the outfits I didn’t like, I’m just not going that route. Award shows are about showing off your own personal style and I applaud them for doing it (Especially you Gaga).

The hostess with the mostess

First off, I love Gigi Hadid. I think she is one of the most stylish celebrities out there. She has collaborated with so many designers and has come out with some of the most tasteful collections. Also, she has slayed the AMA’s since the first time she walked the red carpet. I was so interested in what she was going to come up with when it came to not only her red carpet outfit, but what she was going to wear throughout the show.


Behold, The Amazing Opener. I was stunned when I saw this and while her red carpet dress was impressive, this one topped it with a BANG! I’m not shocked that she opened with Versace, mainly due to her close relationship with the brand and the fact that her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, is collaborating with them. Although, you can tell that out of every major designer that she could’ve opened with she obviously picked the one that comes across as her favorite.

The thing I love about this dress is the fact that it looks like Versace took Dorothy’s ruby slippers as a muse and decided to make it risqué. I also love the fact that they took the trend of stitching two shirts together and decided to do that with a dress. Either way this dress is just astonishing.


Looking at this my first thought was: “She’s going to the funeral of her 5th husband that she murdered.” This outfit screams Black Widow, but a classy Black Widow.

I skipped through the last few minutes of the show because Friends was coming on, but when I saw this on my Twitter feed I was beyond impressed. Whoever styled her tonight did a kick ass job with this one, because this is a dress people will be talking about for weeks to come.


I love this. No, honestly, I love this. When she walked out in this, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much this outfit screams “musician’s girlfriend”. That didn’t stop it from being my favorite though.

Hailey Baldwin strutted this outfit on the runway and now one of her good friends is serving it at the AMA’s. Julien Macdonald’s SS17 collection has impressed me to the ends of the Earth and the fact that one of my favorite celebrities actually wore one of the outfits SLAYS ME.

Let’s be real here, the best part about this outfit is the jacket. The embellishments on the jacket along with the fringe. UGH SLAY ME FOR LIFE PLEASE.


It’s all about the ladies


Hailee Steinfield

I’m not one to know a lot about Hailee Steinfield, but lately I have really been digging her style. I recently followed her on Instagram and it seems like she’s the type to walk around in one of those silk robes with the fur on the wrists and along the bottom. You know which one I’m talking about (Yes, the one in that facebook photo that you shared about your marble floors).

Can I just tell you how impressed I was when I saw this? Very. It’s probably one of the best red carpet outfits I’ve ever seen her wear. I’m all about the belt, the stars on it. Everything. EVEN THE FACT THAT HER TOENAILS MATCH.


Lady Gaga

Listen, I was there when she showed up in the meat dress and yes I was just as shocked as you were. Six years later, I’m happy to see that we’ve surpassed that stage of off the wall outfits. I have mad respect for why Gaga did it, but meat? Really?

Not only was this outfit amongst the most classy, it also represented sexy and I love when the two mix. Personally, I am loving the fact that flared pants are coming back in style because I was made fun of for wearing them in high school. I was obviously ahead of my time when it came to my fashion choices then.

Cosmo also claims there was a hidden meaning behind this whole outfit, but I think it was just to foreshadow her album.


Selena Gomez

I absolutely have to praise Selena Gomez. This was an amazing comeback for her and it’s a comeback that will never be forgotten. Her speech was incredible and so was her dress. This dress screams Audrey Hepburn/Grace Kelly. Selena in the industry will forever be known as the girl who broke Justin Bieber’s heart, but in the fashion industry she’ll be known as the girl who knows how to wear everything. This year we’ve seen her take the 90s trend and make it her own, then watch her perform later that night in something you would never expect her to wear. Selena as a Disney alumni is finally breaking out of that, “I’m a good girl and I was on Disney Channel!” persona and shedding a new light on herself. In the years to come, I expect designers to actually fight over who gets to dress her for events.

The Lads


Niall Horan

My sweet little pumpkin pie topped with Irish cream. I am such a huge One Direction fan. Watching the AMA’s these last few years, the boys outfits always correlated in a way which is understandable. This year when I learned that Niall was attending I wondered what he would wear since he could now do his own thing.

Let’s just say my boy didn’t let me down. While Harry is known for being the most fashionable member of One Direction, you can tell Niall knows how to dabble when it comes to dressing himself. The only thing that turns me off about this outfit are the shoes. Brown, Niall? BROWN? Brown is my least favorite color and those shoes with this outfit make me want to cry.

Still love him though.



Ooh does Drizzy know how to dress or what? This whole outfit screams “Sugar Daddy” and I love it. Drake has always known how to dress that’s a given, but damn. The gold chain and the white button-up with the three buttons unbuttoned literally makes me drool. This boy knows what color shoes to wear though and I respect that.


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