Nighttime Skincare Routine


Another beauty post? Really, Ericka? I know, I know. I’ve been forking these out a lot lately, but don’t worry another fashion post is on its way. I actually decided to share my skincare routine, because I always like to read them or watch them on YouTube. It’s interesting for me to see what other people are using and how they like it. It also broadens your horizon on what you should use depending on whether or not you have oily, dry or inbetween skin.

Also, a lot of the things included in my skincare routine I raved about in my October Favorites so if you want to read more into it you can head on over there.


It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized how bad makeup wipes are for your skin. When I was out with my friends, I was just cleaning my face off with makeup wipes and then going to bed. Eventually, I started doing that every time I took my makeup off. I picked this up at Walgreens because with my Walgreens card it was a buy one, get one free deal. I loved this product immediately. It doesn’t irritate my skin and if you’re coming in from a night out and don’t feel like doing anything extra this is the way to go.

What I like to do is just put some of the cleansing water on a cotton pad or two and wipe my face clean the best I can before I go onto the next step.

Simple Cleansing Water: $7.79


Ugh, my favorite part. While I’m the laziest human being on the planet, I only clean my face so I can use my knockoff Clarisonic. I’ve been wanting a real Clarisonic for months, but never committed to buying one. One day I walked into Marshall’s and this baby was waiting for me. There were a few others sitting there, but I picked this one because it also had a brush for sensitive skin. It was also $20 and that’s a plus for if I ever decided to stop using it.

Listen, the only reason my mom bought me this Clean & Clear wash is because it said “relaxing” on the front of the bottle. I’ve always been an avid user of Clean & Clear, using their morning burst throughout high school in hopes that it would actually make my ass wake up and feel alive for school. Of course I didn’t, because I’m a night owl and becoming a morning person just isn’t in my DNA but the morning burst did it’s job and made my skin feel amazing. The reason my mom bought me this is the same reason I bought the morning burst: she thought it would help me sleep. Although, just like the morning burst it’s made my skin feel amazing.

For this step I put some of the facewash on the brush and literally just scrub my face all over. The best thing about my little knockoff is that just like a Clarisonic it has various speeds and it’s made so that no water gets into the brush and makes the insides rusty.

Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Deep Cleaning Face Wash: $5.49

Knockoff Clarisonic: Similar


I know you’re not shocked to see this. Of course it got me through October, it’s going to get me through November. I love it, I live by it. Go out and buy it.

With this I do just like the cleansing water, put it on a cotton pad and run it all over my face.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Toner: $9.99


Okay, depending on the day I’ll do a facemask. I’m not going to include a link for this one, because I get all of mine at TJ Maxx. I like to try different ones all the time, I don’t necessarily stick to one brand. To me a facemask is a facemask. Also getting them at TJ Maxx they’re super cheap and you get multiples in a pack rather than one from Sephora for ten dollars.


If I decide to do a facemask I usually put this on after, because the first time I put this on and then did a facemask my face felt like there was way too much going on. As this opens your pores with the facemask on after it can feel a bit weird and overwhelming. I’m sure you’ll also recognize this from my October Favorites as it’s another product I swear by. This does wonders for me though, out of all the products surprisingly this is the one that makes me feel the most fresh and clean.

I dab a little bit of this on my finger and pretty much rub it in.

Boscia T-Zone Treatment: $19.95 (While this originally retails for $36, I found it cheaper on another website)


Last, but not least, this bad boy. I’ve raved about this for God knows how long. It’s the best thing to dry out your pimples when you feel them coming on. It’s just literally a lifesaver.

With this I dip a cotton pad in and dab it on all the pimples that I feel are coming in or are already there.

EradiKate: $26

Okay, I know how important a moisturizer is too, but your girl is still searching for a decent nighttime one. Hopefully, when the time comes to update my skincare routine that’s one of the items I include!


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