October Favorites.


This month I decided to try out a bunch of new products, not realizing that some of them would become a favorite of mine. While this blog is mainly about fashion, I wanted to incorporate another part of my life: Beauty. So every month I decided I’m going to talk about some of the products I loved that month it could be one product or ten, just depends on what is a hit or miss.


Okay, so lucky me I found this at T.J. Maxx for ten bucks. Knowing Boscia is a very talked about skincare brand, I decided to try it out. So later that night after I finished washing my face and before I put my moisturizer on I put this on my T-Zone. It doesn’t really clarify on the box or the bottle if this is supposed to go under your makeup or you put it on after you’re done washing your face, but putting it on before I go to bed is the route I’ve been taking with it. After about ten minutes, my face felt like someone had opened up my pores and said, “Breathe my lovelies.” I was so satisfied with it that I went back to T.J. Maxx and bought the last bottle. After using it, I’ve noticed that throughout the day  in between my eyebrows is where I usually see the shine  and with this I don’t see that anymore.

Boscia T-Zone Treatment: $36


Keeping up with skin care, I recently found myself needing a toner. I’ve never been one to go above and beyond when it came to washing my face, but I found myself at the end of the day feeling like my face was dirty and itchy. I was going ballistic and finally asked a few of my friends what they’re skincare routine was and a lot of them told me to go out and find a toner. I read a few reviews online and decided to ultimately go with this one. It was the best choice. It just gives me that extra clean feeling that I’d been needing and it’s probably my favorite part of my skincare routine.

Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Toner: $6.99


Last for the skincare, we finally have this beauty. I originally heard YouTuber Diana Saldana talking about this. With me, when it comes to zits I’m a popper. I know that for some people popping zits treads on the gag factor of things, but for me it’s satisfying. Anyways, I heard her talking about how when you feel a zit coming on, you take a Q-Tip, pop that bad boy in the bottle, then put it on the area. What’s amazing about this is that it seeps into your skin and dries that puppy up. The first night I put this on, I woke up the next morning and was like, “Where’s the pink stuff?” I scoured my pillows looking for evidence that I had wiped it off in my sleep, but there was none. Finally one night, I stayed up and realized what it was doing. The good thing about this is that you can feel it working and I think that’s amazing, because not only do you see the result, but you feel it too.

Kate Somerville EradiKate: $26


Onto the good stuff. I am such a makeup junkie. It has gotten to the point where my friends don’t take me into Sephora in fear that my VIB status will get upgraded to the point of no return (even though I’m already there). Over the past few months I’d been in search of a new foundation. I was using the MAC Studio Fix Fluid, but found that it was starting to make my face itch really bad. So I set out on the journey that brought me to this little guy. At first, I didn’t like it. Honestly, I was like this is such a waste of money. Although, this month I didn’t feel like going out and buying another one so I decided to give him another shot. This month I decided to hop on the “No makeup-makeup” train and this bad boy does wonders for it. It lets me build up coverage and doesn’t make my face itch. It’s easy to blend, lightweight and everything I could ever ask for in a foundation.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation: $39 (I didn’t realize it was this much and low-key hate myself for it)


OOH LISTEN. I WILL NEVER EVER USE ANOTHER MASCARA AGAIN. Doing like I do, I wandered into Sephora with my mom in tow. The last designer mascara I tried was the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume. Now I loved the formula, but hated the wand. It was such a weird shaped wand that as time went on my lashes clumped together and I was like, “No thank you, I’m not paying this kind of money for clumpy lashes.” I went into Sephora to grab some essentials and then my mom mentioned needing a new mascara. So I wandered over to the little mascara display they have and mentioned to her that although I hadn’t tried it a lot of people like the Dior Iconic. She picked it up and we checked the wand out and the little makeup fairy inside of me was screaming, “Get it! Get it! Get it!” So I caved. It was the best decision I’d ever made. I get the best results with this mascara. My lashes are spread out, nicely coated and they look as long as Kendall Jenner’s legs.

Dior Iconic Overcurl: $29.50


This month I had two liquid lipstick favorites and low and behold this was one of them. For a while I had been wanting a brown liquid lipstick and eyed this one ever since it came out. What put me off of buying this was the Kylie Cosmetics shipping price. When she decided to have 24-hour free shipping, I caved. The first time I wore it I was in Washington D.C. and got nothing but compliments on it. The formula is amazing, but you do eventually have to reapply which is normal with any liquid lipstick.

Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Brown Sugar: $29


Last but not least, my second favorite liquid lipstick. Just like Brown Sugar, I had been eyeing Jeffree Star’s Androgyny for months. Now, I know he’s not well liked by many people but I didn’t want that to taint my opinion on his cosmetic line. When I got this in the mail, I won’t lie, I was worried because my friend had told me they sent her the wrong ones and never was shipped the right ones so your girl was praying. When I opened the package I was relieved and swatched them immediately. Along with this one I ordered Unicorn Blood which I plan to wear moreso during the Winter. I wore this to the mall one day with my mom and the second I got in the car she said, “What lipstick is that? I want one.” This is rare from my mother so I was quite flattered. While the color is stunning, the only problem I have is that it does streak and you do have to reapply. It’s not very drying on the lips, nor is the Kylie one. I do love this one though, it suits me quite a bit. Reapplying isn’t the end of the world, like I said before you have to do that with any lipstick, it’s really just the streakiness that gets me.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Androgyny: $18 (Also going on right now, the whole website is free shipping for 24 hours!)



5 thoughts on “October Favorites.

  1. hotflairballoon says:

    Oh my gosh I’ve been eyeing that Dior mascara for a while now! I also want to try the Dior maximize 3D lash primer, have you tried that at all? I can’t decide if I should buy it since it’s a little pricey!


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